Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's Christian Reading? The Edge Chronicles

This week, we take a peek at another series Christian has discovered lately--the Edge Chronicles, by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell. Christtian is going to tell us about Beyond the Deepwoods, the first book in the series. As an FYI, Christian has been doing quite a bit of computer work in school. He volunteered to take a stab at formatting this post, so what you see from this point on is his layout. I think he did a fantastic job, how about you?


This is a story about a boy who does not know about his past. He was raised by woodtrolls and was always the odd one out. His name is........ Twig!!!! Um... yeah, not really the most heroic name ever. but there have been worse, right?

Well, moving back to the synopsis, he goes to the place where his father,Tuntum, works. He trades with the sky pirates. They offer to take him on board but his father says no. His mother, Spelda, says that he should go to her relatives. He leaves with a promise that he will return. Then he goes and does what no woodtrolll ever does, he strays from the path.

He has to face hoverworms, rotsuckers,and many more hideous creatures. He also encounters different races like slaughterers and termagent trogs. He also has a close encounter with a flesh eating tree called the blood oak.
What I liked

I like that every time he encounters a different race he stays with them for one night and then he leaves or gets thrown out. 
What I disliked        I liked the entire book except for the main character’s name. Twig doesn’t sound that heroic does it?

    Spelda and Tuntum-
5 out of 5 Pikachus

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