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Hi! Welcome to The Deliverers Blog. My name is Gregory S. Slomba and I write books for children ages 8 to 12. I live in Connecticut with my wife, two children and four (yes, that's four) cats.

I grew up in Connecticut reading The Phantom TollboothThe Chronicles of NarniaThe Lord of the Rings and dreaming of being a children's author.

I studied English at the University of Dayton, and then worked as a banker for 20 years, taking care of other people's money. Somewhere in there I also took four years out and worked as an editor for a flooring trade magazine. I got to go to some neat places (Las Vegas, Arizona, Spain) to write about carpet, hardwood and ceramic tiles. Now I design and write training courses for bankers.

I like to read fantasy, historical fiction, history, middle grade and young adult literature, biographies, sports history, and anything else that seems interesting. The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book, followed closely by The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia, Redwall, and Harry Potter.

The first magazine I wrote--6th grade
I love trains, football, baseball, hiking, and spending time with my family. My favorite baseball team is the Los Angeles Dodgers, and my favorite football team is the Miami Dolphins. My favorite color is orange.

Since I have four of them, you can probably guess that I like cats. I also have a fondness for owls. In fact, one of the main characters in my books is a talking owl named Stig. Dragons are fascinating to me as well, and I swear I've seen them several times!

Late in 2011, my dream of writing for children came true when I published my first novel, The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel. Since then, an audio book version has been released, and the second book in the Deliverers Series, The Deliverers 2: Order of the Crystal Lion was published last year and the third book, The Deliverers 3: The Golden Dragon of Ang, was released in 2014. I am currently working on the fourth book in the series.

You can contact Greg at gregslomba@gmail.com.

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