Monday, July 22, 2013

Character Interview: Cy & Chunk

Since I'll be releasing The Deliverers 2: Order of the Crystal Lion this week, I thought it might be a good idea to start to get to know some of the characters that Eric and the rest of the Deliverers will be meeting. I decided to kick things off with two of my favorites. Now, they're a little camera shy because they're members of a secret society called the Order of the Crystal Lion, so they have requested that I don't post their pictures. Since they were such a big help  in the book, I was happy to make an exception. I'm posting the book trailer instead.

Cyril, or Cy as he prefers to be called, and Chunk are the best of friends. As agents for the Order, they have participated in many top secret espionage-type missions in the quest to bring freedom to the Chazum who serve the ruling Vynistri. There has been a civil war raging for over a year, but both sides are at a stalemate. Let's hear what they've got to say.

Greg:  Hello, gentlemen, thanks for coming by to tell us a little bit about yourselves and your roles in the latest Deliverers book.

Chunk:  Gentlemen, d'ya hear that Cy, he called us gentlemen.

Cy:  Yeah, sure I heard him Chunk. I guess he don't know us very well, huh?

Chunk:  Huh? Uh, no, Cy he don't know us too good, we just met him.

Cy:  Ya have ta excuse Chunk, here, he ain't too quick on the uptake sometimes.

Chunk:  Upwhich?

Cy: See what I mean? That's okay, though, 'cause he's gotta heart of gold. Plus which he's real strong, which comes in handy in a fight.

Greg:  He looks strong. In fact, he's really big, almost as big as an elephant.

Cy:  Ya noticed, huh? Yeah, he's big all right. Ya see, way back when, the rulers of the Vynistri added some elephant genes to his family's DNA. For generations, his family was used for manual labor wherever the Vynistri needed 'em, ain't that right, Chunk?

Chunk:  Yup, that's right Cy. Gee you explained that real good. 

Cy:  Thank youse.

Greg:  How do the Vynistri add the DNA?

Cy:  Well, they got this machine that they calls, er, the Machine. They chain ya up against a wall, aim the Machine at ya, put the DNA of whatever animal they wanna add inta it, press a button and bingo it's done. Only thing is a lotta the time it don't work so good and ya wind up with genetic glop instead. No one wants ta go in front of the Machine.

Greg:  It sounds very unpleasant and dangerous. 

Cy:  Yeah, well the most reliable conversion is when they use lion DNA. I ain't too sure why, but not as many people die durin' the process. These lion people call themselves the Chazum. They make up a lotta the Vynistri army. They also make good bodyguards. It's kinda ironic that some of the Chazum are fightin' for the Vynistri against the rebel Chazum, but then again, some of the Vynistri are rebellin' and fightin' against their own kind, too. Life's strange that way, ya know?

Chunk:  Yeah, you're right, Cy, like sure is funny. Like how about the time Eric was put in front of the Machine?

Cy:  Quiet, Chunk. Do ya wanna ruin the story for everybody? Ya don't wanna give too much of it away.

Chunk:  Oh, sure, sure, Cy. You're right. I just thought, well, they might want ta know.

Cy:  Yeah, I know, your heart was in the right place, Chunk. Only, they gotta find out for themselves. That's the fun part of readin' a book, or one of them electronic thingys.

Chunk: Ya mean them Kindlings?

Cy:  Yeah, somethin' like that, Chunk. Anyways, there's a lotta action in this book--lots of shootin' and chases. Some unexpected things happen, too, but we gotta let ya find out what they are for yourself.

Greg:  Sure, I understand. What can you tell us about the book?

Chunk:  Cy, can I tell him about Chancellor Trelango?

Cy:  Sure ya can, Chunk, if ya think you're up for it.

Chunk:  Thanks Cy, I'll try. See, there's this guy named Chancellor Trelango. He's the leader of the Vynistri. He ain't nice, he's mean, real mean. How'm I doin' so far Cy?

Cy:  You're doin' swell, Chunk, real nice.

Chunk:  Thanks a lot, Cy. Like I was sayin' he ain't nice. His family has been convertin' people inta Chazum for a real long time. Now, they're tryin' ta stop him and we're helpin', ain't we, Cy?

Cy: Sure, Chunk. Us and a whole bunch of people, even some Vynistri. That's why we joined up with the Order. They're workin' undercover in the capital, Vynistra City just like us. That's where we run inta Eric.

Chunk:  Uh, didn't he run inta us?

Cy:  Strictly speakin', he run inta you, Chunk. He was escapin' from--

Chunk:  Ain't you givin' away the story now, Cy?

Cy:  Hey, I guess youse are right. Sorry 'bout that. I think it's time we shoved off. We gotta get back before anyone misses us. Hey kid, it was great talkin' with ya. We'll give your regards ta Eric, and Kate and Hallo and Stig.

Chunk:  Yeah Stig. He's a nice birdie, ain't he?

Cy: Chunk, how many time do I gotta tel ya, he don't like it when people call him that.

Chunk:  Huh? Oh, yeah, sorry Cy. I keep forgettin'. Bye Mr. Interviewer, see ya at the end of the book!

Greg:  See you guys! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck with the big finish!

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