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Hello, my name is Kate Endria, and I'd like to give you a little information about the history of my village, Calendria. Since this is from our official records, some of this may get a bit formal. Sorry about that. Okay, here goes.

Calendria was founded over 300 years ago by Calvin Endria, former first mate of the infernal pirate, Burt Sharky. The village has been ruled by the first born male of the Endria line from its founding, until today.

In exchange for being released from his crew, Sharky compelled Endria and his followers to pay a tariff to him for the next hundred years. The villagers did this, but Sharky broke his word and continued to collect the tariff after the deadline had expired.

The Iron Mountains

Thirty five years A.F. (After Founding), Cal Endria was lost while exploring the Iron Mountains, which cut Calendria off from the rest of the mainland. He was never seen again.

Path to the  Iron Mountains
It was around this time that an old woman who lived on the outskirts of the village claimed to have seen a vision. She said that one day two heroes, a mighty warrior and an eagle with the gift of speech, would deliver the village from Sharky and his crew. The heroes of the prophecy became known as The Deliverers. 

So, Calendria continued to live in fear of Sharky and his raids. But there were many, some publicly but most in secret, who waited for the appearance of The Deliverers.

Calendria's harbor

Time passed, and the villagers fell into some semblance of a normal life. Besides the terror of the pirates' appearance twice a year to collect their tariff, things were fairly peaceful and calm. As was mentioned before, however, there were some who were not content to merely wait for an ancient prophecy to be realized. 

Quietly, they made preparations against the day when the villagers would decide to rise up and oppose Sharky. They did this at great danger to themselves, for they knew that if Sharky got wind of it, their lives would end in a very grisly and painful way. 

Will the reign of Sharky ever end? Are The Deliverers real, or merely the stuff of legend? We must wait and see. Some there are who are searching even now for The Deliverers, and some there are who make ready for when the time is right to fight in order to be free. What will happen? That is written elsewhere.

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The Dwarf Kingdom

Old Misty Top

"As sure as I'm standin' here, this hunk o' rock's filled with gold an' gems. Let's get diggin'"

--Orvis the Red, 1st dwarf king, upon seeing the Iron Mountains for the first time

The Dwarf Kingdom was founded more than 3,000 years ago by Orvis the Red, who was crowned King Orvis I. He founded the capital of Stonedeep and the town on its outskirts, Silverlode. Orvis wanted to make the Kingdom a showpiece, so he ordered carvings to be made to line the walls of the High Road, which lead from the outside to the Dwarf Kingdom. During his rule, Orvis did, indeed, fashion the Kingdom into a minor showpiece.

Carvings along the High Road
 within the Dwarf Kingdom

As the centuries went on, the dwarves continued to expand the Kingdom. They carved out new tunnels and towns. In the process, they also found many different kinds of jewels, in addition to rich veins of silver and gold.

In addition to tunneling and mining, the dwarves were master smiths, and fashioned many fine articles of silver and gold. One highly respected dwarf clan, the Tosis clan, were extremely skilled in crafting beautifully worked metal goods. In fact, one Tosis, Jeremiah, rose to the position of Royal Goldsmithy for His Majesty, King Angus Thunderhelm.

Golden door of ancestors
Tosis family home
Of course, for all the acclaim the Tosis family received over the centuries, one member nearly wiped all that away. Jeremiah's son, Hallo Tosis, was born without The Gift to fashion delicate objects. He was not even fit to become a blacksmith.

However, it was Hallo who was partially responsible for opening up the Dwarf Kingdom to the outside world and ushering in a new golden age.

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