Dragon Islands

"My brothers, the unthinkable has happened. At half past noon today, the Dragon's Voice went to his eternal rest without naming a successor. As you know, this is an event without precedent in the history of the Islands. I beg you now to make all haste in joining me here on Ang for a Governor's Council so that we can determine our wisest course of action."              

~Message from Governor Changsha to his fellow governors on the death of the last Dragon's Voice

And so began a time of great unrest in the Dragon Islands. Never before had they been without a Dragon's Voice dispensing the wisdom of the mythical Golden Dragon of Ang. For thousands of years the governors of the five Dragon Islands had been guided in this manner. Now the only thing standing between them and total chaos is a rhyme the last Dragon's Voice uttered before he died:

“From the mouth thou shalt hear
The wisdom of far off lands.
The way to truth is clear
Head, then heart, then hands.
Lastly, tail will point the way
To the world’s end.
Then gold shall have its say
And foretell the doom of men.”

No one has been able to unravel the meaning of the rhyme, although doubtless it holds some significance. Time is short, a new Dragon's Voice must be installed at the Midsummer Festival or the Islands will be plunged into turmoil and upheaval. 

To make matters worse, children between the ages of 12 and 15 have been disappearing. Some of the governors say this is a sign of the Golden Dragon's disfavor. Others mutter that one of their brothers is trying to make a play for power, taking advantage of these unsettled times to further his own selfish desires.

As the governors were  arguing and debating what course they should take next, they were visited by four strangers. A most unlikely collection of wayfarers were they--two 14 year old children, a dwarf and a talking owl. This was a most strange and powerful omen, but what exactly was the significance? The governors would soon find out.

The Dragon Islands

Ang Also known as the Head, Ang is the most holy of the Islands. Legend says that the Golden Dragon of Ang made its home here in ages past before naming the first Dragon's Voice and ascending to the heavens. For thousands of years, Dragon home has been the seat of power of the Dragon's Voice. Changsha is the current governor of Ang.

Jongchin This island is also called the Heart because it lies at the center of the Islands. There are some who feel that the seat of power should reside on this island now that the Dragon's Voice is gone. One of these is Jensu, governor of the Heart. Haughty and proud, he is one who doubts the Deliverers upon their arrival.

Shua & Shuay Called the Claws because of their resemblance to the talons of a dragon, these two islands are the isolated backwater of the Dragon Islands. Governed by the aged brothers Shoshu and Loveng, their islands are also home to the merciless Denchi Assassins.

Hindra Known throughout the Islands as the Tail, this island is renowned for its lush farmland and pastures. Residents are fond of saying that although Hindra is farthest from the Head, it gives balance to all the Islands. Hindra is governed by the wise Panfir.

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