Vynistra City

A Bloody Civil War

In Vynisra City, brother is pitted against brother as the oppressed battle for freedom. Will the Chazum finally shed their yoke as servants to the Vynistri?

The Vynistri view their servants, the Chazum, with contempt. Humans who have had animal genes spliced into their DNA, they are viewed as less than human. Now, led by Selango, brother of  the Vynistri ruler Trelango, they have vowed to stand on their own.

Eric and the Deliverers will try to help right the wrongs done to Chazum and Vynistri alike. Can you think of any examples from our own history where people fought for their freedom?

Here's a list of revolutions and rebellions as listed in Wikipedia. For information on three of the biggest revolutions fought in North America; the American Revolution, the U.S. Civil War, and the Mexican Revolution, check these sites:

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