Saturday, December 16, 2023

Cal Endria's Journal: Promised Land?

5th November, 4169

This morning we anchored in a secluded bay to take on water and forage for supplies. Every anchorage is a source of hope as our search continues for a plot of land on which to start our new settlement. I hope we find a place soon, for the Captain's behavior is becoming increasingly cruel and barbaric.

Just this morning Thompkinson was caught pouring an extra measure of rum. It was his bad fortune to be caught by Sharky. He doled out punishment immediately by stringing him up on a yardarm high above the deck.

It was not Thompkinson's day. The rope holding him up snapped in the gale and he was blown into the sea. Despite all my entreaties, Sharky refused to stop saying, "We're headin' inta that there harbor, he can catch up to us there."

Of course, he didn't catch up to us. So me and the lads are waiting until we find a likely spot to either jump ship or propose a deal to Sharky. I don't know how much longer we can wait. The way things are headed, it's only a matter of time until he does us all in.

Soon I must go ashore to gather water and supplies. It is my duty as first mate. I have to admit that it will be good to feel land underfoot once more. 

This bay has a pleasing look about it. The land starts out flat, then rises gradually. A large mountain range separates the bay from the rest of the mainland, and a waterfall cascades down into a river that flows into the bay.

Hold on, can it be? Why did I not see it until now? Of course, this is the very place we've been looking for! Oh merciful heavens, could our deliverance be close at hand? I must go and gather the lads. Not only will we go ashore to forage, but we will scout out the lay of the land to see if my hunch is correct! I will record our findings upon my return.

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