Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting the Publicity Machine Rolling

Today, The Citizen News, my town's local weekly paper, arrived in my mailbox. I'd been interviewed by Pamela Brown, one of their reporters, last week. She'd told me that her article would be appearing in this week's paper. What I didn't realize was that the article was appearing on the FRONT PAGE!!!

The picture above is the page all folded so I could get the newspaper's name in there. Now granted, it's my local paper, not the New York Times, but the paper goes to everyone in my town and the next one over and everyone around here reads it, so it's fantastic publicity, and I'm very grateful.

Thank you so much to publisher and editor Ellen Burnett and reporter Pamela Brown for the great placement and the great article, which made me sound articulate and thoughtful (I know, a great writing feat)! Thanks to you, my first interview was a great experience.

This is the first step. The book is due to be featured in another paper this Sunday. So, slowly but surely the word is getting out. If any of you have any suggestions as to where else to send a press release, or if you know someone who works at a newspaper, please let me know!

Now, it's back to writing some background for the new world. I'll give you an update on how that's working out tomorrow.

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