Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Interview Series: Ali Baba

This week we are talking with someone who's really made something of himself. He started out as a poor woodcutter, and is now a very wealthy merchant. I'm talking of course about Ali Baba. Let's see if we can find out the secret of his success.

Greg:  Hello. I'm so glad you could take a few minutes to talk with us. You must be very busy.

Ali Baba:  Yes, things are very busy just now. I deal in spices. All the spices of the Orient. I have a caravan that travels the Silk Road to bring many exotic flavors to the west.

Greg:  My, you certainly have a lot going on. Tell me, do you ever yearn for the simpler days when you were a humble woodcutter?

Ali Baba:  No, not really. Those were simpler times, but hard. I do not think that I would ever want to return there. 

Greg:  I can understand that. So, I have to ask, what is the secret to your sudden success?

Ali Baba:  Well, er, um, I don't know if I should say. After all, we've only just met and you might, er, be indiscreet.

Greg:  No I won't, I promise. Please tell me, please, please pleeeease?

Ali Baba:  Oh all right stop whining. I will tell you, but you must promise to tell no one else!

Greg:  Oh, I promise. I will not say anything about it. I'll leave that up to you.

Ali Baba: Very well. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a little bit of money. With that money I was able to purchase my brother Cassim's business. Thee rest is history and hard work. The business was not worth much when I bought it, but I have managed to build it up through the sweat of my brow.

Greg:  Oh really. What happened to Cassim, then?

Ali Baba:  Oh, he retired to Florida. He's very happy there. I believe he golfs daily and is president of his local Lions Club.

Greg:  But, that's it? What about the robbers' cave--Open Sesame and the hidden treasure trove?

Ali Baba:  What are you talking about?

Greg:  The story. Surely that's how you made your fortune. There were 40 thieves. You stumbled upon their cave and heard them open it by saying Open sesame. You took some gold and your brother found out about it. He went to get some money, but the thieves found him there and cut him up. Then they came to your house. The leader was disguised as an oil merchant and the rest were hidden in oil jars. You discovered this and poured boiling oil in the jars and killed them. After that you were rich. That story!

Ali Baba:  Oh, ho, ho! You should not believe everything that you read, sir! Oh boy, what a riot. Wait until I go home and tell the wife and kids! How very amusing. To think that you believed such a far-fetched story.

Greg:  So you mean that the story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves...

Ali Baba:  Is just a legend? Yes. You cannot believe everything you read, my boy. Oh I have heard some doozies in my time, but this one takes the cake. Next you'll tell me you believe in flying carpets and jeanies!

Greg:  What, you mean Aladdin is just a legend, too? But it seemed so real in the movie!

Ali Baba:  Oh, now that's rich, you a just a cross between a bird and a cow-- a gull-i-bull--gullible, get it? Oh, that's a hoot. Now I have to leave. I've got so much to do. I just oiled my thieves and I can't do a thing with them. Ha, ha, hoo, hoo!

Well, that was rather embarrassing! Anyway, here's a little bit from Kermit the Frog, who also seems to have bought into the legend.


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