Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What's Abigail Reading? My Extra Best Friend

My editing has been going very well. I'll give you a complete rundown on Friday. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving and I'd like to wish all of you a very happy, healthy Turkey Day! When I draw up the list of things that I am thankful for, you, my blog friend and readers, are right up there with my family, my health and all my blessings. Thank you all for the friendship and support you've given me over the past year!

This week, it's Abigail's turn to share a book that she's been reading with us. Abby has chosen My Extra Best Friend by Julie Bowe. Let's see what she thought about it.

Here is what Abigail says the book is about.

"It is about a girl named Ida. She goes to camp with her friends Jenna, Brooke, Stacey, Meeka, Jolene, and Randi. They go to Camp Meadowlark. When they were having a swim test, Ida fell and the boys could see Ida's underwear. Ida couldn't swim out to the dock because she had a pink wristband, which meant she was a tadpole.

"Ida meets an old friend named Elizabeth at camp. She didn't know she was going to be there. They end up wearing the exact same swimsuit, which is blue. Then Elizabeth wanted to still be friends with Ida, but Ida was disappointed because Elizabeth never wrote to her after she moved away. Ida didn't write either, but she was waiting for Elizabeth to write first.

"In the end, they all make up. There are some other things that happen that I can't tell you. You need to read the book to find out."

What did Abigail like best about the book?

"My favorite part is when they all made up, because it was happy."

Was there anything that Abigail did not like about the book?

"When they called Elizabeth, Elizabutt."

So, how did Abigail rate My Extra Best Friend, by Julie Bowe?

She gave it four and a half out of five dolphins.

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