Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different--A Readers' Poll

Okay, here's something new for this blog--our first ever readers' poll. I'm planning on interviewing some of the characters from The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel", and I couldn't figure out which character I'd most like to interview first. Then I thought, why worry about it myself? So I figured I'd let you decide.

Over to the left of the homepage you'll see the poll. Just click on the character you're voting for, and click the "Vote" button to register your vote. In four days, the voting will close, and I'll announce the first character interview.

The five characters are Eric Scott, our hero; Stigidae Ghostwing--Stig for short, talking owl; Kate Endria, the Lord Mayor's daughter; Hallo Tosis, outcast dwarf; and Burt Sharky, immortal(ish) pirate captain. All of them should be interesting interviews, so I don't think anyone will be disappointed no matter what the outcome. May the best character win!

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