Friday, November 18, 2011

Readers' Poll--One Day Left!

Just a reminder that our readers' poll is winding down. There's just one day left. Right now, Stig is leading the voting. He's preening his feathers in anticipation of the upcoming interview. But what's this? Kate is not far behind, and she's far from beaten. She's rallying support and looking to make a late push. Hallo's still in the running, too. Slow and steady could win this race. Meanwhile, Eric's a bit put out because he only has one vote. Imagine, the hero not being interviewed first?! What kind of cut rate production is this? And there sits Sharky in last place. A fitting place for a villain, but very embarrassing. Surely, some of you out there would like to read an interview with the lowest, meanest, nastiest pirate to ever sail the high seas?!

Anyhow, it's time to vote. I'm interested to see how this plays out. Who will be chosen? We'll find out tomorrow.

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