Friday, May 17, 2013

The Character Book Club Welcomes Millicent, Millie

Hey everybody! Today's a real special day, because Greg has handed over control of the Deliverers Blog to me--Eric--and my owl friend, Stig. Why has Mr. S. given us power over his blog? We've been asked to host this month's meeting of the Character Book Club! The CBC is this cool club where characters from great middle grade novels hang out and get to know each other better! I'm really excited that Stig and I have been asked to join. I mean, who doesn't like to be part of an awesome club?

Right now the club is made up of Stig and me, the Detective Mystery Squad from The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow, Nate Rocks from the excellent series of the same name, and Millie from Millicent Marie is Not My Name by Karen Pokras Toz. This month, Stig and I will be interviewing Millie. Let's see what she has to say.

Eric:  Hi Millie. Welcome to the Deliverers Blog. I think this Character Book Club is a really cool idea and I’m thrilled that we’re all a part of it. Have you ever been part of a club before?

I know! I love it too! Last week I got to interview the gang from the DMS (Detective Mystery Squad) on my blog – they were so cool!! And now here I am on your blog! I can’t wait to see who will be next.

Stig:  I must say that while clubs can be a lot of fun and they allow you to meet a lot of people, I find that I prefer the company of a few good friends. Who are your closest friends?

Well, my best friend is Natalie. We have a lot in common, but we are also a lot different. I think that’s important in a friend, because then you can learn about new things. For example, she travels every summer with her family, and then when she comes home, she tells me all about it. It sort of makes me feel like I went there too. So far Paris is my favorite.

Eric:  I was reading your blog the other day, and I thought it was really cool. What’s your favorite thing that you like to write about on your blog?

Oh I don’t know – I guess it depends on what is happening in my life at that moment in time, you know? One thing is for sure; I try really hard not to gossip, because that got me in real big trouble before.

Stig:  Are your parents supportive of your after school activities?

Sort of. I used to always just play soccer, and then I wanted to join the drama club. My mom wasn’t really happy I was dropping soccer, but eventually she came around. I just had to quit soccer though because this girl who was a bully was on the team, and this boy who is super cute was in drama club, so it was sort of a no-brainer for me. In the end, my parents were cool with it.

Eric:  I don’t have any brothers or sisters and sometimes I kinda wish I had one or two. Stig’s got, like, 50 or so, but he’s not really close with any of them. What’s it like having a little brother?

Doogle? Ugh. You heard what he did right? He took my PRIVATE diary and he published it all over the Internet for EVERYONE to see. He got in really REALLY big trouble. He’s been better since then, but he’s still a royal pain. (and no – that’s not gossip – everyone KNOWS he’s a royal pain!)

Stig:  I have to say that Eric may be overestimating the amount of siblings I have, but I have to admit I do have quite a few. He’s correct in his statement that none of us are close, owls tend to go their own way, you see. We like to travel and see the world, or in my case see many worlds. If you could travel anywhere to any time, where would you go, and who would you bring with you?

Oh my gosh – that is a super cool question! Wow – okay, so I would definitely take Natalie because she’s an expert traveller. I think I’d like to go to Europe in the 1920s. See, I was named after this old relative named Millicent  - she kind of did all this stuff that got her in trouble that no one ever talks about. If you ask me, I think she sounds kind of cool and fun, so I’d like to travel to Europe when she was alive to see exactly what it was she was up to!

Eric:  That's really cool. I know you’re into some awesome stuff yourself, like soccer and set design. I saw a video on YouTube from your school play that was pretty sweet. Do you think you’ll try out for a part in the next one?

Seriously? We were on You Tube? Wow oh wow oh wow!!! I definitely want to be in the next one. It was super fun.

Stig:  We owls spend a great deal of time studying. I myself love to read, and I know Eric and the rest of the Deliverers do as well. What types of books do you like to read?

Well don’t tell that Toz lady (she’s the one who wrote my book), but my favorite author is Judy Blume. I love reading books about other kids. Oh and it’s no secret that I LOVE “The Secret DMS File of Fairday Morrow” and your book looks awesome too! I can’t wait to read it.

Eric:  I noticed on your blog that you give advice. I’ve been picked on a little bit in the past—I kinda think everyone has to some degree. What advice would you give to someone who’s getting teased at school?

Getting teased stinks. First of all, remember that it’s not you who has the problem, but the other person. Second, don’t be afraid to speak up. Tell an adult – tell a bunch of adults. It may be hard to talk about, but they will help!

Stig:  Now that “Amanda’s” blog has ended, what are your future plans? Are you ready for middle school?

Well, as you know, I have my blog “Millie Says.” It’s good to be able to write as Millie instead of Amanda. Trying to be two people at once is hard work! Middle School? Oh yeah – totally! It’s going to be so cool. I can’t wait!!

Eric:  I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by, Millie. I had a great time. It’s been really interesting and cool talking with you.

Hey well thanks for having me! This has been super fun!

Stig:  Thank you my dear for taking some time to chat with us a bit. You are quite a charming young lady. I can’t tell you how much fun it’s been, a real pleasure. You know, if you’re ever in the mood for an adventure, I’m sure the Gatekeeper would love to send you on an Assignment with the Deliverers.

Oooh – I would love that! When do we get started?

Eric:  Yeah, that’d be awesome. There are a lot of worlds out there that need help. I think Kate and Hallo would love to have you join us some time.

Count me in – you know where to find me!  Thanks again for having me on your blog today. It was so nice to meet you both. I have to admit, I was kind of nervous, well mostly because I’ve never spoken to an owl before (or even seen a talking owl to be honest), but I have to say, you both are tops on my list!

Now ... guess what? Here's something really exciting. We're holding a Fan Art Contest for the rest of this month! Draw a picture of Millie doing something she loves like writing on her blog or playing soccer or acting to win a signed copy of Millicent Marie is Not My Name!
Send your illustration to:

Snail Mail:
6 Butternut Lane
New Fairfield, CT 068112

The winning illustration will be chosen by a panel of judges and displayed at the next Character Book Club meeting, which will be announced in Fairday's June newsletter! 

And speaking of the next meeting...

Be sure to join us for next month's Character Book Club meeting! It's going to be awesome and you'll never guess who is getting interviewed .... me & Stig!! Yup, We're getting interviewed by Pete from Alligators Overhead by C. Lee McKenzie! I can't wait!!

See you next month!!!


  1. Awesome meeting! It was so cool to learn more about you, Millie : ) Next time we're on the case, we will be sure to give you a call! Europe in the 1920's would be amazing- Lizzy sighs- lol. Thanks so much Eric and Stig! It was excellent to hear from you guys! We can't wait to find out what Pete's going to ask you in the next CBC meeting!!! ~ DMS

    1. Thanks! It was great getting to know Willie. Her book is awesome! Stig and I can't wait until next month!

  2. Hey thanks so much for having me on your blog today - I had so much fun!!

  3. This seems to be quite a gathering of wonderful middle grade characters. It was great to find out more about all of you.

    1. Thanks, Lee. Eric and Stig are looking forward to visiting with Pete next month!

  4. What an awesome post! I loved finding out more about Millie. I read her book a few months ago and thought it was awesome! Millie gave great advice about dealing with bullies. Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to see the pictures. :)

  5. Millie is so great and her book is awesome. I can't wait to see the pictures either!