Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's Abigail Reading? Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, Going Overboard

Abigail's been reading up a storm these days. She's really fallen in love with a girl called Katie Kazoo. Abby just finished reading Katie Kazoo Switcheroo: Going Overboard, by Nancy Krulik. Let's see what she thought about it.

Here's what Abby says the book is about:

This story is about a girl named Katie. Katie and Suzanne’s family are going to go on a cruise together. They were going to be in the Cruising Kids Club together. First a shy girl came up to Suzanne .and told Suzanne that her name was Lizzie. The first thing they did was rock climbing. Katie was the first one to go. They had to climb up the wall and ring the bell. The last one to go was Suzanne because she felt nervous because she thought that the wall was really high.

The next day they went to a magician show. Katie got picked to be the helper and then Suzanne got mad that the magician picked Katie instead of her. Then Suzanne stormed out and Lizzie followed her and went to the promenade deck and brought coral reef earrings. At dinner that night Katie told that she was the helper at the show. Then Suzanne didn’t like what she was saying because it was not about her so she asked everyone at the dinner table if they liked her earrings that she bought on the ship. Then Lizzie came over and asked if she wanted to come and play miniature golf with them and she said okay!  When they were done she came back and said that it was the worst miniature golf ever.

The next day they went to Dolphin Reef. There were shops and Katie said the best part of all was swimming with dolphins. When Katie went to go get the camera she felt the magic wind and she knew that she was going to turn into somebody or something but who? The magic wind turns Katie into all kinds of things like an adult or an animal. I won’t tell you what she turns into, but it’s really cool. Read the book to find out.

Here's what Abby liked best about the book:

My favorite part of the book is when Katie goes swimming with dolphins, because I think it would be cool to do that.

Was there anything that Abby did not like about the book?

My least favorite part is when Katie gets chosen to be the magician's assistant and Suzanne doesn't and storms out, because that isn't very nice to do to somebody.

So, how did Abby rate Katie Kazoo Switcheroo: Going Overboard by Nancy Krulik?

She gave it five out of five dolphins.

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