Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Writer's Week #72: Mapping Things Out

Hi everyone. I'm sorry this post is a day late. Last night there was a lot of family stuff going on, in spite of the dousing we received here on the east coast. So, while I had fun, I did not get my post out--mea culpa! Anyway, this week was not quite what I expected, writing-wise, but it was still very productive; more so than any week in the last month or so.

My plan had been to resume work on the third Deliverers book, The Golden Dragon of Ang, which had kind of stalled. I've been in a holding pattern since the end of April as I've been waiting for the layout and cover of book 2, Order of the Crystal Lion. I felt I needed to focus on that, but there was something else niggling at the back of my mind that I just did not want to tackle.

While the writing for Golden Dragon had been moving right along, something needed my attention. In the book, the Deliverers have to find the next Dragon's Mouth, the person who speaks for the Golden Dragon on Ang, imparting his wisdom to the people of the Dragon Islands. They have to do this before midsummer, which for them is only two weeks away. Now, I had mapped out the plot pretty well before I began writing just before Christmas, but not some of the major details.

One of those details was writing a timeline to make sure they could get everything done within the two week time frame. That's what was bothering me. Could they realistically travel to five islands and get back to their starting point within two weeks? I wasn't sure. So, instead of writing, I mapped the whole thing out day by day.

I found that, yes, it was just enough time (with a little help from the Golden Dragon and some magic). Now I'm feeling a lot better. In fact, they will think they've failed until they're saved at the last minute! I still have to work out the details of days eleven and twelve, but I know what they're doing if not exactly what happens to them while they're doing it. That will work itself out.

So, this week I should really be able to get back to writing and who knows, I might also have a cover to reveal and a fully laid out book to submit to the publisher. I'll let you know what develops next week.

For those of you near Connecticut, tomorrow is Preserve New Fairfield's annual Strawberry Festival. I'll be there from 1 to 4 selling Sharky and the Jewel and taking pre-orders for Order of the Crystal Lion. Details are right here. I hope to see you there!

Oh yes, one more thing. On Friday the 14th, Eric and Stig are going to be interviewed by Pete from Alligators Overhead, by C. Lee McKenzie. It's the June meeting of the Character Book Club and it will be held on Lee's great blog, The Write Game. I hope you all stop by to hear what Eric and stig had to say. They had a great time talking with Pete.

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