Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What's Christian Reading? The Fire Within

Christian, as always, has been doing a lot of reading. He's discovered a new series--The Lost Dragon Chronicles by Chris D'Lacey--which he's currently tearing through. Today, he's going to tell us about the first book, The Fire Within. Let's see what he thinks about it.

Oh yes, Christian has changed his ratings from flaming monkey heads to Pikachus (it's a Pok'emon thing).

Here's what Christian says the book is about.

A woman named Liz Pennykettle gets a tenant named David Rain. She has a daughter named Lucy Pennykettle. Liz and Lucy can make clay dragons that can come to life. You have to have been inducted into the Pennykettle family to be able to see them move, though.

Lucy is trying to save an injured squirrel who she has named Conker. Conker only has one eye. Lucy thinks that another squirrel who she calls Birchwood took the other one out during a fight. It turns out though that a crow who they call Caractus took it out.

Liz gives David a clay dragon that she made. He names him Gazooks. David can imagine Gadzooks and Gadzooks will give him inspiration for stories. Near the end of the book what David writes becomes true, but he does not notice it at first. Gadzooks tries to warn David about what is happening. Will David realize what's going on? Read the book to find out.

Here's what Christian liked best about the book.

I liked the part when David named his clay dragon Gadzooks and the part where Lucy said that the dragons were hurring (read the book and you'll understand), which confused David.

Was there anything that Christian did not like?

I didn’t dislike a thing. This is an impeccable first book of an impeccable series.

So, how did Christian rate The Fire Within, by Chris D'Lacey?

He gave it five out of five Pikachus.

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