Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's Elizabeth Reading? The Merchant of Death

There are so many great series for middle grade and young adult readers. Elizabeth's been reading another one of them--Pendragon, by D.J. MacHale. Today, she's going to give us her take on the first book in the series, The Merchant of Death.

 Here's what Elizabeth says the book is about.

Middle school basketball star and good friend to Mark Diamond, Bobby Pendragon, gets swept into a mess in places he never imagined by his Uncle Press. Along the way, Bobby finds out that his old life never truly existed and that he is to become the lead Traveler.

What is a Traveler, you ask? Well you see, Saint Dane is this big form-changing bad guy who wants to rule Halla. Halla is everything, every time, and every person. The Travelers are the people charged with the responsibility of stopping him. Bobby never asked for this responsibility, but it is up to him now.

With this first book, you get to read Bobby's journals about the medieval world of Denduron. Many more follow about his adventures on the other territories of Halla.

What did Elizabeth like best about the book, and was there anything she did not like?

The only thing I did not like about these books was that I would never be able to put them down, and I ended up getting barely any sleep at night. Other than that, this book is a fantastic read for all ages.

So, how did Elizabeth rate The Merchant of Death, by D.J. MacHale?

She gave it five out of five blue dragons.

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