Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Interview Series: Captain Nemo

Today, we're leaving The Deliverers Publishing Headquarters to take to the seas. We're going under the sea--20,000 leagues under the sea--to talk to the mysterious Captain Nemo. We were lucky enough to be invited aboard his wonderful submarine, Nautilus, to spend a little time getting to know him better.

Greg:  Thanks for inviting us to spend a little time with you, Captain. I know that you don't like to talk much about yourself, but I was wondering what you did before taking to the seas.

Nemo:  I was once known as Prince Dakkar, the son of a Hindu Raja of the Indian Kingdom of Bundelkund. In my youth, I watched as the imperial forces of the British Empire conquered my beloved land. In the fighting, I lost both my kingdom and my family.

I decided to devote my life to scientific endeavors in order to put an end to imperialism and lead the world into a new era of peace. To that end, I and those loyal to me worked to devise a fantastic machine, capable of diving to great depths.

Greg:  Let me guess, we're in it, right?

Nemo:  Correct. This wondrous vessel, called Nautilus, is my masterpiece. It is a world unto itself, free of the greed and evil that thrives upon the land. With it I could liberate treasure from sunken ships. With that treasure, I have been able to create a Utopian society where man is free to evolve into a higher order without the mundane thirst for power that drives the surface dwellers. True freedom only exists beneath the sea, for it is the only place beyond the greedy grasp of mankind.

Greg:  Very impressive and admirable ideals, Captain. But isn't it true that you indulge in some of those very things yourself? For instance, haven't you been known to attack ships?

Nemo:  You are correct, up to a point. It is true that I, we--my crew and I--have attacked ships. However, I never attack unless attacked. The vessels that I have sunk were ships of war, those whose express purpose is to wreak havoc upon the weak and oppressed.

No sir, I do not indulge in violence, as you say. Rather, I protect the seas and all creatures in them from the marauding forces of man. Besides, the laws and conventions of the surface dwellers do not apply to those of us who live beneath the waves in tranquility and peace.

Greg:  Okay, okay, no need to get so uptight. I get it. Since we're down here under the waves as your guests we'll just go with it--when in Rome, and all that. It must be an exciting life, living beneath the sea. Can you tell us a little about your adventures?

Nemo:  Ah, yes, my adventures. Where to begin? There was our journey to the ice fields of Antarctica, in which we journeyed underneath the ice. The Nautilus was trapped there for a time, but I and my crew worked 'round the clock to free her. After that, I was able to claim Antarctica for my own.

We have been lucky enough to view most all of the marvels that the sea has to offer. But perhaps the most magnificent was the lost City of Atlantis. Magnificent and wonderful are its buildings and streets, but cold and lifeless. Wonders there are, but also memories of pain and suffering that the sea will never be able to expunge.

Then, there was the time we were under attack from a school of squid. It was difficult to fend them off, and I lost a member of my crew in the process--very disturbing. My crew are my family now. Losing one of them is heart wrenching, I must say. I have lost so many that have been close to me...

Greg:  It must get pretty lonely traveling through the sea, although I have to say the Nautilus is lovely.

Nemo:  She is magnificent, is she not? I have tried my best to make my crew as comfortable as possible, although I myself do not indulge in such things. This sitting room for instance, is finely appointed with works of fine art and sculpture. There are also pearls, coral and other rare and beautiful treasures of the sea that I have harvested.

My one indulgence is my organ, which I love to play. I must say that, with all modesty, I am quite skilled. It's notes are the only thing that can sooth my tortured soul.

Greg:  Well, Captain, I must say that this conversation has been very enlightening. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Uh, do you think you could drop us off now?

Nemo:  I'm afraid that I can't do that. You see, there's always the chance that you will alert the authorities to our whereabouts. You will be spending the rest of your life with us. Gotcha! just kidding! I really had you going, didn't I? I could see you getting worried. No really, we'll drop you off. Is Mystic Seaport okay?

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