Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's Christian Reading? The Hardy Boys:The House on the Cliff

Christian has discovered some books that I enjoyed as a boy--The Hardy Boys series of mysteries.

So, this is what Christian says the book is about.

"It's about two brothers and their chums Chet, Biff, Tony & Phil. They solve mysteries. This mystery is about a mysterious house on a cliff that used to belong to an old man named Pollit. One day, three people mysteriously begin living there. The boys walk up to investigate the house not knowing that someone lived there. The people seem in a rush to get them away. The boys are suspicious.

"They suspect that there might be a secret harbor at the bottom of the cliff. They call their friend Tony, because he has a speed boat, to take them to the bottom of the cliff to help them investigate. The rest of the book is about how they solve the mystery of the house on the cliff. Will they solve it?"

Here's what Christian liked best about the book.

"I liked the surprise that came in when they discovered the cove. I'll leave that to you to find out. The book kept me on the edge of my seat (my bed, actually)."

Was there anything he didn't like?

"I think that they might have been able to describe the cove better. I had a hard time seeing it in my mind. After a while I got it, though."

So, how did Christian rate The House on the Cliff by Franklin W. Dixon?

He gives it five out of five flaming monkey heads.


  1. How fun! I haven't read a Hardy Boys book in ages- but they are great mysteries. I think it is awesome that Christian is reading a book that you enjoyed when you were his age!


    1. It's pretty cool. Hearing him talk about those books, brings me back to my childhood, and how I felt when I read them for the first time.

  2. What can I say- I love a good mystery! I haven't read this Hardy Boys book- but I have read some of them. As a girl I ate up Nancy Drew Books. There were a few weeks when I read 8 of them a week! I can still remember how they made me feel. I am glad Christian enjoyed this one!


    1. I think both these series are great. I was never into Nancy Drew (it was for girls, ugh!). I did see a few of the episodes from the TV series, though.