Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What's Abigail Reading? Daisy's Summer Essay

This week, Abby read a fun book called Daisy's Summer Essay, by Marci Peschke. Like kids all over, it's about a girl who's heading back to school. Let's see what she thought of it.

Here's what Abigail says the book is about.

"It's about a girl named Daisy. Her teacher gives them these mini passports and they have to write about where they went over the summer. They have to bring in something they got, like a souvenir. Daisy didn't know what she was going to bring. Her grandma gave her frosty bits of sky blue and gray green glass that they all found in Michigan. Everybody liked the glass. 

"Daisy always wore daisy socks, because her name was Daisy. Soon everyone in her class was wearing daisy socks because they liked her so much. 

"Daisy thought her teacher had super powers because she was able to make Raymond read. She really likes her teacher, Miss. Lilly. She's the best teacher in 4th grade. I can't tell you what else happens, you'll have to read the book."

Here's what Abigail liked best about the book.

"I really liked when Daisy brought in the sea glass, because they all found it when they went to visit her cousins."

Was there anything about the book that you didn't like?

"I really didn't like it when a girl named Madison was bragging that she was going to have the best thing to bring in to class."

So, how does Abigail rate Daisy's Summer Essay, by Marci Peschke?

Abby gives it four and a half out of five dolphins.


  1. Great job Abigail! This does sound like a great book. I do love sea glass. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you! I love sea glass to. I think you should read the book yourself. It's a very good book!