Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's Christian Reading? Magyk

Ha! Here's a book that I actually read before Christian! I really enjoyed Magyk, by Angie Sage. Let's see what Christian thought about the book.


 In Magyk, by Angie Sage the Supreme Custodian guard has taken over the castle and banned the use of magyk. He has killed the Queen and the Extraordinary Wizard at the palace. The baby princess has however evaded death after the Extraordinary Apprentice Marcia Overstrand killed the assassin that was sent by the Supreme Custodian. the princess is given to a local family of wizards called the Heaps.  

Ten years later the Heaps celebrate Jenna’s (the princces’) 10th birthday. Marcia (now the Extraordinary Wizard) comes rushing in and tells Sarah and Silas Heap that Jenna is in trouble. The Supreme Custodian and the Althier, the deceased Extraordinary Wizard--and Marcia’s mentor--have tracked down the princess. Jenna is whisked away to the wizard tower before she opens her present.

Silas and one of Jenna’s brothers come barging into the Extraordinary Wizard's room and give Jenna her present. The Young Army boy that Marcia found earlier stirs. Marcia gives him new clothes and the Supreme Custodian starts to bang on the door. Then they all take a plunge down the garbage chute to escape

    What I  liked
        I liked everything!
     What I didn’t like
        I liked it all.
 Five Out Of five Shiny Deoxys

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