Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's Abigail Reading? Starring Jules (as Herself)

Abigail's first book report of fourth grade went over very nicely with her teacher, so I decided it would make the perfect Reading Crew installment. She read Starring Jules (as Herself), by Beth Ain. Let's hear what she had to say.

Here's what Abigail says the book is about.

The book that I read was Starring Jules. It is about a girl named Jules who has a new best friend named Elinor. Jules tried out for a mouthwash commercial. She was waiting for her turn to go and then it was time. When Jules was getting taped she almost threw up, but didn't. Jules' video was good and she was happy.

Jules told her grandma what happened after and she was happy. When they got home Jules found out that she wasn't going to be in the commercial, but that she would be on a TV show!

Here's what Abigail liked best about the book.

That Jules was going to be on a show, which is cool.

Was there anything Abigail did not like about the book?

When she made milk bubbles, because that is disgusting.

So how did Abigail rate Starring Jules, by Beth Ain?

She gave it three and a half out of five dolphins.

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