Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's Elizabeth Reading? Princess of the Midnight Ball

The Reading Crew continues to read at a furious pace. This week Elizabeth has been reading Princess of the Midnight Ball, by Jessica Day George.  Let's see what she had to say about it.

Here's what Elizabeth says the book is about.

Have you ever heard of the twelve dancing princesses? Well, that is what this story is, just with a twist. This is a story whose main character/knight in shining armor is a soldier-turned-gardener. He tries to find out the mystery of the twelve princesses' worn-out dancing slippers. You see, the princesses have supposedly been cursed by some evil doings of a guy their late mother, Queen Maude, knew. And Galen, knight in shining armor, has been assigned the task of saving them (without his knowing) by an old lady onn the side of the road.

There's just one problem-part of the curse makes the princesses unable to speak of their curse--or King Under Stone, the evil guy their mother bargained with--to any human being. So...this is where Galen has to single-handedly trick the princesses , find out their secret, and save them--all with in a very limited amount of time.

I loved this story and was unable to put it down. It may have been slightly cheesy at points, but it was worth it!

I give it five out of five blue dragons.

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