Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Paying it Forward, Thanks to You

There are signs all over that Christmas is fast approaching--people are smiling more, everyone is rushing about, lights and decorations are everywhere and my children are bubbling with barely controlled excitement. Another sign that the magic day is almost here is that the packaging of the gifts has begun at the Salvation Army.

Six wonderful authors joined me in donating 114 books to this fantastic event. My family and I spent the past two nights helping other volunteers put together gift packages for children in need. Once packaging is completed tomorrow, parents will come on Friday to pick them up. This is such a great program and it brings the joy and spirit Christmas not just to those who receive but also those who give.

I am thankful for the opportunity to share the gift of giving with my family. Each year Christian and Abigail are able to do a little bit more as they grow and mature. They make me proud. My wife Stephanie is a tremendous example to them and I'm glad she's my best friend.

This year had been even more special, because when I asked for help my readers came through by purchasing books so that I could donate one for each that I sold. I am truly grateful for my author friends who either donated copies of their books or copies of books that they had collected. A huge thank you to:


 C. Lee McKenzie  Alligators Overhead               Karen Toz  Pie and Other Brilliant Ideas

Stephanie Robinson, The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow

I can't possibly thank you all enough!

I wanted to post some pictures now, because I won't be posting a Writer's Week column this week, Instead, I'll be hosting this month's meeting of the Character Book Club, featuring Anna from Margo Dill's wonderful book, Finding My Place. I hope to see you on Friday. Now, here are some pictures from the gift packaging:

Books and toys being bagged
Gifts bagged & ready to go!

Christian in the midst of Santa's Workshop

A lineup of really cool books

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