Thursday, December 12, 2013

What's Abigail Reading? The Power of Un

This week's Reading Crew column is a little late. Abigail spent last evening furiously reading the end of this week's books, so we delayed things so she could give us a report. So, without further ado here she is to tell us about The Power of Un, by Nancy Etchemendy.

Here's what Abigail says the book is about.

This book is about a boy named Gib Finney. It takes place in the country.  First, Gib shot  spitball in class and it landed on Lorraine Frongner’s head.   Then Lorraine got in trouble for shooting the spitball but it was really Gib.  Now, Lorraine is really mad at Gib.  Next, Gib runs away from Lorraine and runs into the forest and meets an old man.  

The old man tells Gib about a device called the “unner”.  Before it is too late, Gib has to find out how to work it by himself.  Next, Gib meets Ash at the carnival and they go on rides.  They were supposed to watch out for Gib’s little sister Roxie and when they wanted to go on the devil’s elevator, they told Roxie to stay put.  Roxie did not do as she was told.  Instead she ran after a stray dog.  

After the ride, Gib and Ash ran after Roxie and before they knew it, Roxie was run over by a truck.   After that, Roxie was in a coma and the doctor said that she might not come out of the coma.  Gib used the unner and went backwards in time to fix the accident.  When he went back in time, he was at the carnival again and they were going on the devil’s elevator again and he spotted Roxie and Lorraine getting off a pony.  When the ride stopped they tried to catch up to Roxie and Lorraine.  They met up and went to get Roxie a candy apple and the stray dog came along again.  Roxie went after it and Gib, Ash, and Lorraine chased her.  Lorraine and Ash pulled her away and Gib ended up having a broken leg instead.

The theme is perseverance and always be nice and helpful. 

So, how did Abigail rate The Power of Un, by Nancy Etchemendy?

She gave it four out of five dolphins.


  1. I read The Power of Un and really enjoyed it. I actually had to read the end in the car when I was meeting a friend because I had to find out what happened. :) Glad Abigail enjoyed this one too! :)

    1. She's tackling some tough books (for her) lately. She spent most of today reading The Hunger Games. It's great to see her finally reading for enjoyment!