Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It Must Be the Snow...

Tonight as I sit here ruminating on what to blog about, I find myself feeling somewhat depressed. Right now we're in the dead of winter. Fall seems a distant memory and spring feels a long way off. Now we're on the eve of yet another snowstorm that according to the weather people will add as much as a foot of snow to the seven or eight inches already on the ground.

Ah well, how is one to keep a sunny disposition with all this weather going on? Right now I couldn't tell you. At work, we were supposed to begin moving our offices from one town to another tomorrow. No doubt that will be delayed to Friday, but we'll be in to continue sorting through and packing or throwing out 12 years of accumulation.

Today we had the last training session in our old training room. I had a little "party"--cupcakes--to celebrate. I noted that everyone who had joined the bank in the last dozen years had begun their careers in that training room, some for a couple weeks others for just a day, and that most had returned there multiple times over the years for various training sessions.

I almost teared up. It's strange how much this move is affecting me and others. Funny how you can become accustomed to a place. Part of me is reluctant to leave, but a bigger part is excited by the possibilities the new space will open up--expanded room for training and a more collaborative space for creating that training. That's not to mention the chance to work in a newly renovated, more modern building.

I guess it does not help that this change is taking place in the dead of winter when people's spirits seem to be at their lowest ebb already. When my wife worked in healthcare--nursing homes to be specific--she always said that February was her least favorite month because that was when the most people died. It was always harder for them to fight through their aches and pains when everything around them was cold, gray and dead.

Anyway, I suppose this must be a little depressing for you to read--not my usual upbeat, maybe even funny, post, and I apologize for that. Every once in a while though, you have to face your demons and acknowledge that they're there, ready overtake you if you don't watch out. In the dead of winter when things beyond my control are changing, I sometimes feel the need to write things out of my system. So, thanks for reading and helping me do that.

I'll be back on Friday to let you know how my writing week went (successful so far) and to let you know how much snow we got (any is too much right now). Again, sorry for the downer of a post. It must be the snow...

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