Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What's Christian Reading? The Deliverers 3: The Golden Dragon of Ang

The celebration of the release of The Deliverers 3: The Golden Dragon of Ang continues this week. Christian has read the book, which is surprising because in his soon to be teenage brain he has the idea that it's not cool to read books his father writes. To my surprise, he read the proof copy with very little pleading on my part. Hmmm, maybe he's hooked in spite of himself. Anyway, here are his thoughts on the book.

Here's what Christian says the book is about.

This book is well written. The characters seem real and not fake. I would recommend this book for children ages 9-13. This book is the best one in the series.
Some of the parts I found exciting where when the main characters had to sneak out of Ang’s capital and find Eric and Kate, when they had to escape the Serpent Fortress and when they had to find the legendary island. This book is very exciting and is a very interesting read.

Some of the main characters include Kang, Jiao, The Fang, that Denchi dude who helps them out, and the Golden Dragon of Ang.
When Eric and his friends Kate, Stig the owl and Hallo the dwarf enter the special doors that lead to the “hallway of worlds” they are always plunged into an adventure of mystery and intrigue. Last time it was the Vynestri and Selango, this time it is the five Dragon Islands and the search for the missing Dragon's Voice. What will happen in this exciting installment of the Deliverers series? Find out today!
Bless his soul, I actually think he was trying to slide in a sales pitch at the end there. So how did Christian rate The Golden Dragon of Ang? 
He gave it 4.95 out of 5 flaming monkey heads (he's always been tough, this is pretty good!).

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