Monday, March 31, 2014

What's Abigail Reading? The Deliverers: Sharky & the Jewel

With the release of the latest book in The Deliverers Series, The Golden Dragon of Ang, my children wanted to mark the event by sharing their thoughts on the books. At first I was reluctant, but they really wanted to and finally managed to convince me. Today is Abigail's turn. She's going to tell us a little about the first book in the series, Sharky & the Jewel. Christian will stop by on Wednesday to share his thoughts on The Golden Dragon of Ang. 

Here's what Abigail says the book is about.

In the book the main characters are Kate, Eric, Stig and Hallo. They go through secret doors to different places to save the lands. This book is mainly about trying to defeat Sharky the pirate.

First, Eric had a bad dream about losing his dad. He heard an owl talking that night and the owl was named Stig. He lead Eric to a secret door. When they went through the door they were on an island. Next, Kate--a girl who lived there--went looking for Eric and Stig. Kate was planning to meet them there. When they met she told them about Sharky, the person who came to their island and ordered them around.

Then they had to think about a way to get rid of Sharky and his crew. Finally they thought of a plan and met a new friend named Hallo. Hallo helped with the plan, too. When Sharky came to the island they were waiting for him. They got the gem from Sharky.

They used the ring they got from the Guardian a twirled it in the air to get the ring from Sharky. After that, Eric and Stig had to go back home. hey said goodbye to everyone from Calendria, even Hallo and Kate their best friends, and left. There are still more trips to come!

So, how did Abigail rate The Deliverers: Sharky & the Jewel, by--um--me?

She gave it four and a half out of five dolphins.

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