Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's Abigail Reading? Sly the Sleuth & the Pet Mysteries

I was in a quandry over what to write today. Yesterday, I wrote about my awesome day, instead of posting my usual character interview. That was fine, but today I usually post little known facts about the book the character appears in. So that's the problem--no interview, no little known facts. So, what to do?

My seven year old daughter, Abigail, has wanted to talk about a book that she's read ever since her brother started letting us in to his reading world. So, I thought today would be a good day to let Abby make a guest appearance (we'll see what Christian's reading tomorrow, as usual).

So, What's Abigail Reading? Sly the Sleuth & the Pet Mysteries by Donna Jo Napoli & Robert Furrow, illustrated by Heather Maione.

This is what Abigail says the book is about.

"It's about cases that Sylvia has to solve. Everybody calls her Sly. There are three cases about pets. One is about a fat cat, another is about a fish, and there's one about a mouse and a puppy. She likes to find out clues and act sly. She's clever and finds out clues to solve all her cases for her friends."

What did you like the most about Sly the Sleuth?

"I liked the cases. They were interesting because each one was different, and they were about pets. I like pets. Some of the cases were weird. The first one was about a fat cat. The second one was about a wish fish that a little boy named Jack wished for on his birthday. The last case was about Sly's friend Brian and his mouse and her frield Melody's puppy."

Was there anything you didn't like about the book?

"Yes, I didn't like the part about Sly's friend Brian screaming at her because he lost his mouse, Wilson. Brian thought that Sly's cat, Taxi, had eaten Wilson who got out of his bucket. I didn't like that part."

So, how did Abby rate the book?

She gave it 5 out of 5 puppies & kittens.


  1. What a great review! I haven't heard of this book before- but I like mysteries and animals. I love the 5 "puppies and kittens". Cute!

  2. Abby picked her rating motif herself. She was so excited to be able to talk about one of her favorite books, just like her big brother!

  3. I think it is wonderful that you have been able to include both of your kids on your blog (and your book signing). They must be thrilled to be a part of the action!

  4. Stephanie--They really enjoy contributing. I think it's a good experience for them. I'm glad that they're interested!