Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's Christian Rading? Matilda

My son, Christian, had another busy reading week.  With all the choices, he was in a quandry about which book to feature. He finally narrowed it down to a couple. Here's his final choice.

So, what's Christian reading> This week it was Matilda by Roald Dahl.

According to Christian, this is what the book's about:

"Matilda is about a little girl who is a five year old genius, who plays tricks on her mean parents and outsmarts them. Her parents are mean and call her stupid and idiot. She's also got a mean headmistriss at school, Miss. Trunchbull.

"She can also move things with her mind. She used her powers to write a fake message from the ghost of her brother to Miss. Trunchbull on the blackboard."

What did Christian like most about the book?

"I liked the tricks she plays on her parents and Miss. Trunchbull. My favorite one was when she borrowed her friend's pet parrot and put it in her chimney. The parrot knows a lot of creepy phrases, like 'shiver me bones'. She tells her parents that the chimney is haunted. They hear the parrot saying stuff and it really creeps them out."

Is there anything Christian didn't like?

Christian pretty much liked the whole book. His little sister, Abigail, did not like the name, Matilda, though.
So how does Christian reate Matilda?

He gives if 5 out of 5 flaming monkey heads.

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