Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Deliverers Hits the Road

Hello, all! Tonight I've got a special post. I wanted to post a few pictures from Friday's visit to Mrs. Robinson's fifth grade class. I wrote about the visit on Friday. I had a great time, and the kids asked a ton of great questions.

My thanks fo Mrs. Robinson for inviting me, and for the following pictures.

That's me, happy they're asking questions!

Hey, they're interested!

When it was all over, I handed out some Deliverers bookmarks and pencils--you know, snazzy marketing stuff. They all wanted me to sign their bookmarks--pretty cool. Luckily, Mrs. Robinson had a Sharpie--I'll have to make a note of that for next time.

This is me signing. Albert looks bored behind me!

Still signing--guys, don't miss the bus!

The students were great, and Mrs. Robinson is a fantastic teacher! I can't thank them enough for letting me come and spend some time with them.

Teacher & Author Stephanie Robinson holding some snazzy
bookmarks. Nice hat!

So, it was a great afternoon that I won't soon forget. It was the perfect first school visit for this shy, reclusive author. I'm ready for more. If you're a teacher in western/central CT, or Westchester County, New York, I'd love to come to your class and do a reading and answer questions, or whatever you'd like. Leave a comment, or message me on Facebook!


  1. It looks like it was a blast. I can tell the kids liked you- look at them waiting in line for your autograph! How cool is that? I am glad that your visit went so well and I can't wait to hear about your future visits. :)