Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's Christian Reading? Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great

Christian is an avid 4th grade reader. This post is about what he's reading. This is by no means an actual review, just his comments on whatever book he's reading at the time.

 This week, Christian's reading a classic, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, by Judy Blume. Let's see what he thought about it.

Here's what Christian says the book is about.

"The book is about a girl named Sheila. She goes to Tarrytown where Washington Irving supposedly saw the Headless Horseman. She meets a girl named Mouse (that's not her real name, but she likes to be called that). Sheila throws a slumber party for her other friends from Tarrytown, Sondra and Jane.and Mouse. Sheila's sister, Libby, invites someone called Maryanne for their own slumber party.

"Since Sheila and her family are renting the house, she's living in a boy's room. The boy's name is Billy Ergan. They're having the party in Billy's room. They make a slam book, which is a nice way of telling people what they like and don't like about someone. They all get mad at each other from the stuff that they wrote.

"Billy is a model freak, and there's tons of models all around his room. When the girls get mad, they start throwing the models at each other. In the end, they wind up having a really good time."

Here's what Christian liked about the book.

"I like the slumber party, which is the main reason why my description is mostly about it. I liked it when they started throwing the models at each other. I bet Billy would get really mad when his family comes home."

Was there anything you didn't like?

"I didn't really like how Sheila was afraid of dogs, because a person shouldn't really be afraid of dogs. That's my opinion."

So, how does Christian rate Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, by Judy Blume?

Christian gives it 3 1/2 out of 5 flaming monkey heads.


  1. I love Judy Blume books. I like the slumber party, too. Did he read Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing or Superfudge? Those are fun!

    1. Yes, I read those and Double Fudge, too. Thanks for reading the review!--Christian

  2. Judy Blume was a favorite of mine. I read all of her books (I have even read the ones for adults). I think her characters are so realistic. Sheila was a good one, though there were others that held my top spot. I even had a Judy Blume diary that I wrote in all the time in 5th and 6th grade. :) Great review, Christian!

    1. Cool info about the diary. I think it's good for kids (and adults, too, for that matter) to record their thoughts. It helps us sort things out.