Monday, June 4, 2012

Deliverers Interview: Charles Endria

Well, some time has passed since The Deliverers: Sharky and the Jewel was published--seven months tomorrow to be exact. It seems like a long time ago. Some of you may recall that when I first started this blog, I conducted interviews with the main characters in the book; Eric Scott, Kate Endria, Stig, Hallo Tosis, and Sharky. I thought it was a good way to introduce folks to the book. If you missed those, you can find them here.

Now that more of you are familiar with the story, I've decided to feature a few more characters. I'll have an interview today and tomorrow, and a couple more next week. Today, we'll be chatting with Charles Endria, the Lord Mayor of Calendria.

Greg: Welcome to Deliverers Publishing Headquarters. It's great to have a chance to speak with you.

Charles:  Thank you for having me. 

Greg:  For the benefit of those who may not be familiar with the book, you are the Lord Mayor of the village of Calendria and the father of Kate Endria, who assists Eric and Stig on their Assignment.

Charles:  That's right, Greg. Our village had been victimized for centuries by the pirate captain Sharky and his band of cutthroats. Eric and Stig arrived to help us. It was Kate who first recognized them as The Deliverers, heroes of an ancient legend.

Greg:  Yes, and she managed to convince you that the legend referred to them. How was she able to do that?

Charles:  Well, first of all you have to remember that one of the Deliverers was an eagle with the gift of speech. Now, Stig is no eagle, but he can definitely talk. That caught my attention. But I suppose the main reason that she was able to convince me was she passionately believed that one day The Deliverers would appear. It was a belief that she shared with her mother.

Greg:  Yes, I've heard that. You lost her when Kate was a little girl, I believe.

Charles:  Yes. Kate was seven when Olivia passed. Kate was devastated, as was I. Olivia was a fervent believer that the Deliverers would come to help us overcome Sharky and his crew. She thought we would have to rise up and do our part, rather than leaving it all to the Deliverers, but that the Deliverers would be a catalyst, and that's what wound up happening.

Olivia was a gifted healer. She was apprenticed to our friend and village apothecary, Moira Bottleneck. The fever struck Calendra hard, and many people died. Even though Olivia was stricken, she never stopped working to find a cure. Before she died, she suceeded, but too late to save herself. Kate idolized her.

Greg:  I can see where Kate gets her bravery and resourcefulness. I'm wondering why the village did not rise up and fight the pirates for so long?

Charrles:  I am embarrassed to admit that Sharky terrorized our village for three hundred years. Now, it is true that he was no ordinary pirate. He lived over 300 hundred years for one thing. That alone would be enough to intimidate even the most stout hearted of men.

He also had an uncanny, even supernatural knack of being able to sniff out the faintest hint of insurrection. Whenever the village would try to resist, he would be quick to put a stop to it--often in the most ruthless fashion. After a while, the village realized it was more prudent to wait until a suitable opportunity to resist arose.

Greg:  You mean, they waited for the Deliverers to show up.

Charles:  Well, yes and no. Some pinned their hopes on the legend. Others were not idle. Cordon, for example. He is our blacksmith, and a member of the Council. He began making and stockpiling weapons in anticipation of one day leading an uprising.

Cordon and Moira are two of the best examples of the fighting spirit that typifies our village. Without their contributions, and those of others, the Deliverers could not have been successful.

Greg:  The office of Lord Mayor of Calendria is hereditary. Now that Kate has been accepted as your eventual successor, how is she adjusting to the new expectations?

Charles:  It's been difficult for her. She has always felt that she should be giving the opportunity, even though no woman has ever held the title. The reality of the responsibility has been a challenge to her. She is a free spirit, and would rather explore than study facts and figures. But she has accepted the responsibility.

She has also made herself available for Assignments to assist others on other worlds. I think this is a good thing. It will give her responsibility in making crucial decisions. That experience will only help her in her future job as the Lady Mayor. She's currently on an Assignment with Eric, Stig and Hallo.

Greg:  That must be a little nerve wracking.

Charles: It is. But I think it's necessary, both for Kate's personal growth, and for the good of the communities they are assisting.

Greg:  I'm sure they'll do fine. Anyway, thank you for spending some time with us. It's been very enlightening.

Charles:  You're very welcome. If you're ever in the neighborhood, please stop by. I'm sure Kate would love to see you and give you a tour of the Dwarf Kingdom and the lands Beyond.


  1. Great interview! It was fun getting to know Charles Endria a bit more. I also like how the interview shows how Kate is shaking things up in her world. She is a strong girl! :) I am sure it is tough for her dad to watch her grow up.

    1. Thanks. I'm trying to work something in about Kate's adjustment to her responsibilities into the new book, but haven't found a suitable sport for that yet. I'm sure it will come up when I least expect it!