Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Interview Series: Friar Tuck

In January, we interviewed Robin Hood. What fun it was to talk with the Lord of Sherwood! Today, we were able to catch up with his clerical buddy, Friar Tuck. This promises to be most enlightening.

So, without further ado, here's our conversation with the Fabulous Friar.

Greg:  Well, thank you for inviting us back to Sherwood Forest for a chat, my good Friar.

Tuck:  Well, why Lord bless you my son, it was good of you to drop by. Your coming, however much unlooked for will no doubt prove providential.

Greg:  Umm, no doubt. Anyway, in speaking with Robin the last time I was here, the conversation turned to which of his Merry Men  were his favorite, and he stated that it would have to be you.

Tuck:  Did he now? Well, that was mighty decent of him, I must say. Although branded an outlaw--unwarranted mind you--there is no truer, nobler or kind-hearted lad throughout thee entire length and breadth of England.

Greg:  That may well be so, but I'm really interested in finding out a little more about you today. You have carved yourself quite a little niche in the Robin Hood legend.

Tuck:  Why, that's good of you to say, lad. The good Lord knows that I never set out to become famous, just to aid the unfortunate as best I could where ever I found them. I have always done so.

Greg:  What was your childhood like?

Tuck:  Much like any other child's, I should think. I was always viewed as a kind and considerate lad, very God-fearing, but a trifle hotheaded at times. Although always on the shy side, and not liking to take part in any violent pursuits, I did enjoy the odd scuffle or two as a boy.

Greg:  And the odd mutton joint?

Tuck:  Well yes, one does have to keep body and soul together. Piety and charity are important, but if one's belly is empty and their thirst unquenched, then, dear sir, where is the joy?

Greg:  Well, yes, I see your point One does have to eat. But how about fighting? I hear that you are a fine swordsman and a passable archer as well--strange pursuits for a man of the cloth.

Tuck:  Agreed. However, in these hard times, where tyranny and injustice reign, I have found it necessary to fight fire with fire at times. There are situations that arise where it simply cannot be avoided. I am fortunate that I have been blessed with a modicum of talent in the art of battle, and since all talent is bestowed by the Almighty, then I must assume that it is His wish that I assist the downtrodden with the sword when the need arises.

Greg:  Well spoken, sir. Robin has praised your bravery, as well as your gastronomical prowess. How is it that you can eat and drink so much?

Tuck:  Defending the rights of the poor, and liberating their gold from Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham is thirsty work, my friend. If I did not feast on the odd deer and the stray barrel of ale that come my way, I should wither away to nothing. All the lads in the band feel the same. They all enjoy a good feast as well as the next, and why not I ask you. 

Greg:  Fair enough. Well, thank you Friar. It's been a real pleasure. Thanks for your time.

Tuck:  Now, now, lad. What's your hurry? Did my ears deceive me, or did I hear the jingle of coins? Turn your pockets out, my boy, the poor could use that coin. That's a good lad! Now let's go and have a bite and a drink!


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