Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Christian Reading? The Hunger Games

Last week, my wife found out that The Hunger Games was only $5.00 on Kindle, so she decided to buy it. That was good news for me, because I'd been planning to read it forever, so I figured I'd be able to get around to it as soon as I had some free time.

Meanwhile, Christian was looking for something new to read. I suggested starting Narnia or The Hobbit, which have been gathering dust on his shelf, mainly because I've been suggesting he read them. Anyway, he heard Hunger Games, and immediately was lost in it  He read it in two days, thanks to a late night session where I had to take the bulb out of his light when I found him reading at 11 pm on a school night.

So here's Christian's take on The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Here's what Christian says The Hunger Games is about.

"It's about a girl called Katniss Everdeen, strange name I know. Her society holds something called the Huger Games every year. When you reach the age of 12, you qualify to be seleccted. You don't want to be selected because it's a battle to the death.

"Katniss' sister Prim gets selected even though she has only one ticket to put in the pot. Katniss had 20 tickets to put in the pot. Against the odds, Prim is selected. Katniss volunteers to go in her place to save her little sister.

The boy who is chosen from her district is Peeta, the baker's son. Now, they'll have to kill each other and the other contestants to win. In the middle of the games when most of the contestants are gone, they announce that two people if they're from the same district can win together.

"I'm not going to spoil the rest for you. You'll just have to read the book to find out what happens nnext."

What did Christian like best about the book?

"I loved all of it, literally. If I had to pick one thing, I liked how Katniss gave herself to the Hunger Games to save her sister."

Was there anything he did not like about the book?

"No, I liked it all."

So, how did Christian rate Thee Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins?

Christian gives The Hunger Games five out of five flaming monkey heads.


  1. I agree with Christian! The Hunger Games rocks! I read the whole series in a week and I was reading at every free moment. I am glad you will get to read this amazing book soon! Enjoy!

    1. I'm looking forward to reading it. I have to admit that I haven't had time to read much of anything over the past few months! Oh well, this is one book I'll be sure to read.

  2. The Hunger Games is an amazing book! I loved it too! I got addicted to it also. Glad you liked it Christian!