Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Did You Know? The Adventures of Pinocchio

After our interview with Pinocchio yesterday, I decided to see what kind of fun facts I could find out about him and author Carlo Collodi. So, here's what I found.

Did You Know...
  • Pinocchio was written by Italian author Carlo Collodi?
  • It was released in serial form between 1881 & 1882, then published as a children's book in 1883?
  • The story is set in the Tuscan region of Italy?
  • In the story, Pinocchio starts out as a talking block of wood?
  • In the original story, Pinocchio is hanged? Collodi later added to the story. The Fairy with Turquoise Hair rescues him and turns him into a real boy.
  • Pinocchio actually kills the talking cricket in the original story? He accidentally kills him with a hammer. The cricket returns later to rebuke Pinocchio about his behavior.
  • The story was translated into English in 1892, two years after Collodi's death?
  • Geppetto is a nickname for Giuseppe?
  • Over 14 films have been made based on the story?
Here's a bit from one of those films, Disney's 1940 version:

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