Friday, July 26, 2013

A Writer's Week #79: What A Release!

I had another great Writer's Week this week. Before I get to the really good stuff, I wanted to fill you in on the progress made on the third book in the Deliverers Series, The Golden Dragon of Ang. In spite of everything that was going on, I was able to write 1,500 words or so. The word count stands at 51,500 over 53 chapters and 225 pages.

This book looks like it will be at least as long as book 2, which was 265 manuscript pages and 63,000 words. I'm coming to the climax of the book, but I have the feeling that there are still one or two twists in store that I have not discovered yet. We shall see.

The other day, illustrator Daniel Vogel sent me a second draft of the map for The Golden Dragon of Ang. It's looking really good. Once the final version is done, he'll start work on the other five. There will be a map of each of the islands in this book as well, which should keep him pretty busy.  

Of course the main news of the week is that book 2, Order of the Crystal Lion, was released on Amazon. I also received an order of paperbacks, so I'm going to be hitting the road at a couple of shows in the next couple of months. I look forward to seeing some of you then.

The release went pretty well. I have to admit that my marketing stinks. I haven't set up a blog tour or anything like that. I do hope to get the book reviewed and do some interviews over the next couple of months. As always, I'll keep you up to date on when and where. I find that most of my success occurs when I'm meeting readers and selling books in person and that will be my game plan.

Still, I have had a number of Kindle sales. I was surprised that sales of the Kindle version of Sharky and the Jewel have also spiked. I did reformat the interior of that book to more closely reflect the interior of the paperback, including the chapter illustration and map. All in all the Kindle versions of both books look great. Oh yes, I almost forgot. The first paperback copy of the book was sold in the UK. That was kind of a shock.

Anyway, thank you all for such a nice response to the new book. I've received great feedback on the book, the cover, the trailer, and practically everything else! I'll update you on the sales progress for book 2 and the writing of book 3 next week. I'll leave you now with the trailers from both books. Enjoy!

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