Monday, July 15, 2013

Between the Lines: Jim Hawkins

When I was growing up, one of my favorite books was Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, Treasure Island. When I saw the Disney movie, I loved the book even more. A while back, I interviewed Long John Silver and we had a fun time reliving his old pirating days. Today, I thought we'd chat with his old shipmate, young Jim Hawkins.

Greg:  Welcome, young Master Hawkins. It's nice to see you.

Jim:  Good day, sir. It's nice to be here and feel solid ground beneath my feet once more.

Greg:  Sounds like you've just returned from a sea voyage.

Jim:  Why, yes sir. I've just returned with Squire Trelawney and Dr. Livesey from Treasure Island.

Greg:  Oh, I see. Looking for more treasure, eh?

Jim:  Oh no, sir. There isn't any more treasure to be had, at least not pirates' treasure. We were scouting locations for a theme park.

Greg;  You're kidding. A theme park?

Jim:  That's right. At first I was as confused as you. Then, Squire Trelawney explained it all to me. A theme park is a place where people can come and have all sorts of fun. There are games and rides, and all of them have the same kind of theme to them. So, like I said, people come to have a good time and--here's the best part--they pay you money to get in. Plus, you can also sell food at really high prices, because there's nothing else to eat or drink--that is unless they bring their own, but the Squire says they won't be allowed.

Greg:  Hmmm, that Squire seems way ahead of his time. Quite the sly one. I can hardly believe it.

Jim:  Neither could Dr. Livesey, but the Squire showed us a layout for the whole park. Ours is going to have a pirate theme. Squire Trelawney says we'll call it Pirates of the Caribbean. That's when Dr. Livesey decided that he should sail with us. He wanted to make sure we made it back.

Greg:  So how long will it take to build this theme park?

Jim:  Not long. They're going to have to clear a lot of land but after that Squire says things should move pretty quickly. We've only come back to see if we could enlist some pirates to use as performers. Squire says there's nothing like a real honest to goodness pirates to give a place atmosphere.

Greg:  I suppose that's true. Say, whatever happened to your mother? Does she still run the inn?

Jim:  Yes sir, but not for too much longer. You see, we're going to sell the Admiral Benbow and she's going to run the concession stand at the Pirates of the Caribbean. We stand to make a fortune.

Greg:  Yes, there's more than one kind of pirate out there, those with swords and those selling deluxe travel packages. Ah well, it was nice to see you, Jim my lad. Whatever you do don't let success spoil you. I wonder how Dr. Livesey feels about all this.

Jim:  He hasn't really come around yet, but Squire Trelawney is working on him. He can be very persuasive. Do you know, he's hired Long John Silver to star in the Treasure Island Thrill Ride? It's going to be terrific. The crowd's going to eat it up!


  1. Great interview! I loved finding out that his mom is going to run the concession stand at the Pirates of the Caribbean. ;)

    1. Yes, I always wondered what happened to Jim and his mom, so I decided to ask him! Thanks for stopping by!