Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's Elizabeth Reading? Tears of a Dragon

Elizabeth is back with another book in the Dragons in Our Midst series--Tears of a Dragon, by Bryan Davis. This is book number four in the series. Let's see what she had to say about it.

 Here's what Elizabeth says the book is about.

In Tears of a Dragon, the main characters, Billy and Bonnie, go on their final journey to free the dragon souls along with three human souls from a place called Dragon's Rest. Meanwhile, the dragons that had been freed in the previous book are preparing to go into battle alongside Billy and Bonnie's friends and family.

While dangers mount, mysterious songs from Merlin still hold the key to unraveling all the secrets once and for all. These books have a spiritual aspect in them. For Bonnie's part, she has strong faith and trust in the maker and believes he will protect her no matter what the odds. Without her faith and helping hand, Billy would never have made it through the trials.

What did Elizabeth like best about the book?

I never once wanted to put this book down. I especially liked the ending. It holds the beginnings of a new adventure, so you can use your imagination, and it reunites all the families that were divided by the war. It is a happy ending!

So, how did Elizabeth rate Tears of a Dragon by Bryan Davis?

She gave it five out of five blue dragons.

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