Monday, July 1, 2013

Between the Lines: Pollyanna

Here in New England, we've had our share of rain. In Connecticut, we set a record with almost 11 inches of rain in June. With all the gloomy weather, it would be pretty easy to become gloomy as well. However, there's one person I know who can always put a positive spin on things. I'm talking, of course, about Pollyanna. She just so happens to be in town and has agreed to visit and spread some of her sunshine our way.

Greg:  Hello, Pollyanna thanks for stopping by.

Pollyanna:  It's my pleasure entirely. I've never been interviewed before. This is so exciting. I had planned on just laying around watching the rain come down. But then I thought, there are probably some people who could use some cheering up. I went out and ran into you. Now I have the chance to cheer all your readers up!

Greg:  And you'll do a fine job, I'm sure. I'm very interested to hear about this game that you and your father used to play. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Pollyanna:  Surely. My father taught it to me before he and my mother died. It's called "The Glad Game". In the game you have to find something happy or good about every situation you find yourself in.

Greg:  Interesting. Could you give us an example?

Pollyanna:  Why yes. I notice that you're a little overweight. Now, this might be a little depressing--I'm sure that I would be depressed if I were you! Now, all you have to do is find something good about being overweight. Let me think--what's good about that? Oh yes, you won't starve to death any time soon! When you go on a trip, you don't have to pack any food. When you swim, you don't need a flotation device. So you see, there are any number of good things about being overweight!

Greg:  Uh, yeah, I guess I see your point. Thanks so much for pointing that out. What other bad situations can you put a positive spin on?

Pollyanna: Umm, well, I see that your car is a ten year mid-sized sedan. Some people prefer luxury models, but really,it's not so bad. Your choice of car shows that you're practical and down to earth. While you may not be rich enough to afford a brand new car, you make the best of what you have. You don't throw money around, you're conservative.

Greg:  That's just great, I feel a whole lot better. Can you try and cheer up someone other than me now?

Pollanna:  Yes indeed. As you may know, I lost the use of my legs for a while. Still, it showed me how much those around me truly loved me. I still have a little trouble getting about, but thanks to these crutches, it's not too bad. See, I can walk pretty well with these.

Greg: Ouch!!! You just about pierced my foot with that crutch!

Pollyanna:  Oh, I'm terribly sorry! Still, after the pain subsides, you'll be able to appreciate being able to walk around on two good feet that much more.

Greg:  Yes, I'm--ooh--sure I will. I think that's all we have time for right now. I suddenly feel the need to sit down. Thanks for coming by and brightening my day.

Pollyanna:  It's my pleasure. You know, I find that when I sit down, I'm able to see things from a different perspective. For instance, when you're sitting down the rain takes longer to hit your head. Think about it.

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