Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's Christian Reading? The Alchemyst

Okay, it's time for Christian to tell us about another book that he's been reading. This week it's The Alchemyst by Michael Scott. Once again, I've let Christian handle the layout of the post. Let's seee what he thought of the book.

The Alchemyst By Michael Scott


        Two twins, Sophie and Josh, work in stores directly across from each other. Josh works in a bookstore owned by Nicholas Flemel and Sophie works in the Coffee Cup. A man shows up at the bookstore and Josh and Sophie are plunged into a world of magic and mystery.

Meeting a new creature around every corner they fight members of the elder race such as The Morrigan and many more. When Sophie’s magical powers are awakened by Hekate and Josh’s aren’t he fills up with jealousy. Nicholas Flamel’s enemies seek to use that to their advantage. Who will win? Nicholas Flamel or Dr. John Dee.

What I liked

        I liked it all except for the part when.....

What I disliked

                .........when Josh doesn’t get awakened and Sophie does. It’s just unfair.


          Graphics were a special last time because there were pictures in the book and I wanted you to see them. From now on whenever I read a book with pictures i will put some up here.

Thank you for your cooperation, Christian.                                                

4 out of 5 Pikachus

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