Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Character Interview: Kate Endria

Our Thanksgiving/Hanukkah week character interview review continues with the feisty Kate Endria. She is the daughter of the Lord Mayor of Calendria, and an important part of the Deliverers team.

By the way, here's wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving and Hanukkah filled with joy and blessings. Let's all take this time to give thanks for everything we've been blessed with!

Editor:  Welcome to the Deliverers Publishing Headquarters, Kate. Thanks for stopping by.

Kate:  You’re very welcome. This is so exciting! I never thought I’d get to visit this place. Stig told me all about it, but I would never have believed how extravagant your headquarters was if I hadn’t have seen it for myself.

Ed.:  Well, I don’t think it’s as impressive as you’re making it out to be. But anyway, what was your family life like growing up?

Kate:  Some might say that I still have some growing up to do, especially the members of our Council. I remember some happy times when I was younger. Of course, Sharky and the pirates were always around. If they weren’t terrorizing Calendria on Tariff Day, there was always the thought that Sharky was watching.

I remember times with Papa and Mother—before she died. We were happy, going to the Green for picnics, pot luck suppers at the meeting house. But, then Mother got sick, and things weren’t so good. I was seven when she passed.

But, Papa has always been wonderful, and he does his best to make up for my not having a mother. And of course Gretchen, our maid, has always been a dear, and Madame Bottleneck, too. I’ve been blessed to live in a village where everyone cares about one another, and I’m proud of Papa, who’s the Lord Mayor.

Ed.:  Tell us a little bit about Calendria and its history.

Kate:  Well, Calendria has a long and rich history. It was established over 300 years ago by my ancestor, Calvin Endria. Cal Endria had been Sharky’s first mate, but he and about 40 others in Sharky’s band decided it was time to settle down and retire. So, Cal went to the captain and stated his intentions, expecting that Shaky would either laugh in his face or run him through.

I think that he was pretty surprised when Sharky didn’t do either. Instead, he agreed to let Cal and his mates retire, provided that they paid a tariff of half of everything the settlement produced twice a year for a hundred years.

So that’s how Calendria started. Calvin Endria was the first Lord Mayor, and the village was named in his honor. The position of Lord Mayor has been handed down to the eldest son in the Endria family for generation after generation.

Ed.:  You were the one who discovered the Deliverers. How did you come to be searching for them?

Kate:  Well, in Calendria there’s this legend called the Deliverers about a hero and a talking eagle that appear to defeat Sharky and his pirate band. My mother was a big believer in the legend, and she passed that belief on to me.

I took it as my duty as daughter of the Lord Mayor to search for the Deliverers whenever I had some spare time. So, one day, I came across Eric and Stig. As soon as Stig started talking, I knew that I had found the Deliverers.

Ed.:  What do you like to do in your spare time?

Kate:  You mean besides searching for the Deliverers? Well, I try to help Papa with anything he needs. I’m also studying. I hope one day to succeed my papa as the first Lady Mayor. That keeps me pretty busy.

Ed.:  So, what do you think of Eric? There are rumors floating around that the two of you might be getting close…

Kate:  Eric and I are good friends. I’m eternally grateful for what he and Stig did for Calendria. As for anything else, I think he and I are too young to be concerned with that at this point. There’s too much we’re still working through personally. Of course, I look forward to working with him, Stig and Hallo on future Assignments if the Gatekeeper needs us.

Ed.:  I guess that kind of answers my last question. Would you like to take part in future Assignments?

Kate:  Oh, yes. I’m hoping to. I mean, it’s important work, helping others. It’s also dangerous work, but no one in my family has ever backed down from a challenge. I always want to make Papa, and Mother, proud.

Ed.:  I think they are very proud of you, Kate. Thank you again for taking a few minutes to sit and chat with us.

Kate:  Any time. It was really a lot of fun. Is this a new map?

Ed.:  Yes, we’ve adjusted it since Stig visited. You should be able to find your way out of here now.

Kate:  Why, how sweet. Thank you so much.

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