Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's Christian Reading? The Secrets of Droon: The Final Quest

Christian has always been a big fan of the Secrets of Droon series, by Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott visited his school earlier this year. This week, he read The Final Quest, which sounds like it's the final installment of the series. Let's see if that's the case.

Here's what Christian says the book is about.

:It's about a boy named Eric Hinkle who is in disguise as his evil twin Prince Ungast. Gethwing still believes that he is Prince Ungast. Eric has to collect the magics, which are the Moon Medallion, the Wand of Urik, and Galen Urik and Queen Zara.

"Once Eric has everyone and everything, it's time to head up to Gethwing's secret lair in Queen Zara's chariot. I won't tell you where his lair is, I'll leave that for you to find out by yourself.

"To defeat Gethwing they have to put seven pairs of hands on Gethwing's wheel of life. That is the only way to defeat him."

Here's what Christian liked best about the book.

"I liked how even though Eric was cured, he continued to trick Gethwing the dragon. It was really brave."

Was there anything he didn't like?

"I didn't like that they didn't show the Seven Cities of Gold. I wanted more of a description of that."

So, how did Christian rate The Secrets of Droon: The Final Quest?

Christian gave it four out of five flaming monkey heads.


  1. I like the cover and it sounds like a good book. I read some of the books in the beginning of the series and the storyline is fun. Another awesome review, Christian.


    1. Thanks. I can't wait to read the next book in the Fairday series.

  2. Thanks, Christian! We are working on it. :) I enjoyed your review of this book. I have only read the first three books in the series- but I enjoyed them. I will have to check out the rest of them.

    1. There are a lot of them. I also heard a rumor that the author is planning a seven book series about the Seven Cities of Gold.