Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Character Interview: Kang

Eric and the rest of the Deliverers make a lot of new friends in The Deliverers 3: The Golden Dragon of Ang. One of them is a former member of a group known as the Denchi Assassins. The Denchi are assassins for hire. Kang was expelled from the group for calling out the leader of the Denchi, someone known as the Fang. Let's see what he's got to say.

Greg:  Thank you  for stopping by. I know you have been busy lately, but what was it like working with the Deliverers?

Kang:  It was unusual. I have always worked alone in the past, but Stig and Hallo had such a big stake in this particular mission that they had to be included. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by a mob.

Greg:  A mob?

Kang:  Yes. More people became involved than I bargained for and events unfolded very quickly.

Greg:  I see. Well, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Kang:  There is not much to tell. I was raised on a farm in Hindra, the Tail of the Dragon Islands. Thirsting for adventure I went home to seek my fortune. I was soon recruited by the Denchi Assassins, a group of renegades and rogues who are highly skilled killers for hire. After vying for the position of Fang, leader of the Denchi, and failing, I was scheduled to be executed. I managed to escape. Since then I have spent my time wandering the Islands, still looking for adventure.

Greg:  Okay. What about this Adventure appealed to you?

Kang:  I was given this task by the Governors of the Dragon Islands. It would have been dishonorable to refuse it. Besides, the little man, Hallo, amuses me.

Greg:  Yep, he can be a real hoot sometimes, especially when he's not trying to. What was it like travelling the Islands with the Deliverers?

Kang:  As I said, Hallo is an amusing little man. Stig is wise. I had never met a talking bird before. e speaks the Dragon's wisdom, I think. Eric and Kate are brave and determined children. It was a most enlightening adventure.

Greg:  What did you take away from it?

Kang:  First, that there are worlds beyond my own that I never before imagined. Second, that there are more important things to do with your life than to waste it seeking revenge.

Greg:  No doubt. Well, thank you Kang. It was great getting to know you a little bit. Thanks for stopping by.

Kang:  It was my pleasure. If you are ever on Hindra, look me up. I'm in Hensha, the capital city.

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