Monday, March 3, 2014

Character Interviews: Eric Scott & Kate Endria

Happy Monday everybody! With the release of The Deliverers 3: The Golden Dragon of Ang right around the corner, I thought this would be a good time to check in with some of the characters to get their thoughts on their latest assignment. Eric Scott and Kate Endria enthusiastically volunteered to lead things off, so let's check in with them.

Greg:  Hey guys. I'm sure everyone's anxious to learn a little about The Golden Dragon of Ang. What can you tell us?

Eric:  Uh, well, there was a lot going on. I mean all of our Assignments are pretty wild, but we did a whole lot of traveling in this one.

Kate:  That's true. we wound up traveling all over the Dragon Islands.

Greg:  The Dragon Islands? Sounds cool. Why were you traveling so much?

Kate:  We were searching for the Dragon's Voice. He is the mouthpiece of the Golden Dragon of Ang. The Dragon advises the governors of the Islands by speaking through the Dragon's Voice.

Eric:  Yeah, but the last Dragon's Voice without naming a successor, so that really threw things out of whack. The Dragon Islands were in turmoil wondering if the Dragon was angry with them or had abandoned them.

Greg:  So you thought it was up to you to find the next Dragon's Voice?

Kate:  Well, that's what we thought, but things did not go according to plan.

Eric:  We got a little sidetracked. Funny how that can happen, huh? We got tangled up with these dudes called the Denchi Assassins who thought maybe either Kate or I was the new Dragon's Voice.

Greg:  Were you?

Eric:  Well, we really can't say--we wouldn't want to give anything away. All we can say is things did not turn out like we thought.

Kate:  Oh Eric, of course they didn't. They never do, do they?

Eric:  No lie. Still, I almost feel like just once they should. It might make things a little less stressful.

Kate:  Maybe, but they wouldn't be half as much fun!

Eric:  Kate, if you think being chased by ninjas in black robes and living stone warriors with swords is fun, then you're crazy. Man, girls are sure strange sometimes.

Kate:  Really? What about your girlfriend?

Greg:  Huh? What's this about a girlfriend?

Eric:  She's not my girlfriend, she's just a girl we met, that's all.

Kate:  Her name is Jiao and she seemed very interested in Eric. She mooned over him constantly and kept grabbing his hand and pulling him all over the place. Then there was that romantic boat ride alone in the moonlight.

Eric:  What?! What romantic boat ride alone? Everyone was there. Nothing happened! 

Kate:  We may have been there, but they didn't seem to notice. Besides that's not all. They danced together by the fire.

Greg:  Is that true, Eric?

Eric:  Uh, well, um, yeah--but it's not like it sounds. We were all dancing in front of a bonfire. It was, like, a tribal ritual. Like I said, we were in trouble and she helped us out. We're just friends.

Greg:  Okay Eric. It sounds like this Assignment presented a whole new set of challenges. Besides being chased by Denchi Assassins, what else happened?

Eric:  We learned more about the true nature of the sparkling mist.

Greg:  Sparkling mist?

Kate:  The substance that Selango used to build the virtual tunnel in our last Assignment. He had said that it was a powerful weapon, but we didn't really believe him. Turns out, he wasn't lying.

Eric:  Yeah, it was just about the only time he wasn't. Who knew? Anyway, on this Assignment we find out just how powerful it really is. It's really messed up.

Greg:  Wow, sounds serious. I'm looking forward to finding out more about that. So, do you think this was your last Assignment, or are there more in store?

Kate:  The Gatekeeper made it clear that there is at least one more in our future. From what he told us we'll be learning more about the sparkling mist and how it will affect the course of the universe.

Eric:  Right, things are coming to a head. We're starting to get to the bottom of things. That's going to continue in future Assignments.

Greg:  Well, we're looking forward to seeing it all unfold. Thanks for stopping by to tell us a little bit about it.

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