Monday, March 10, 2014

Character Interview: Stig & Hallo

As we move closer to the release of The Deliverers 3: The Golden Dragon of Ang, our character interviews continue. Last week we spoke with Eric and Kate about the new book, so this week it's Stig the owl and Hallo the dwarf's turn. I can't wait to hear their thoughts.

Greg;  Hey guys! It's great to see you again. We're really looking forward to The Deliverers 3. What can you tell us about it?

Stig:  I must say that it's very nice to see you once more, as well. I'm not sure we can tell you very much about the book as the Gatekeeper has sworn us to secrecy. However, I do believe it's one of our most exciting Assignments yet. It's got a little bit of everything.

Hallo:  You're right about that, birdie! There's all kinds of stuff goin' on, don't ya know. Things happen bam, bam, bam! First we get sent t' this place called the Dragon Islands where there are these five governors--each on has an island they govern ya see. When we get there, we find the dispenser o' wisdom, the Dragon's Voice, has died and didn't name no one t' come after. That had 'em all worked up ya see. Then we get there and they thing Eric might be the new Voice. From there it just gets wild.

Greg:  Wow, it does sound exciting. Is there anything else you can tell us?

Stig:  Sadly, no. As I said, we are not allowed to divulge much of anything. Isn't that right, Hallo?

Hallo:  Sure, sure. Hey, did ya know I get a chance t' hang out with a real Denchi Assassin? His name
is Kang and we done a lot of sneakin' around followin' trails and goin' through magic portals an' stealin' ships. Not that stealin' a ship is a good thing, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. 

Stig:  Yes, well be that as it may that is all that can be said.

Hallo:  We should tell him the rhyme.

Stig:  Oh I don't think so. You've said far too much already.

Greg:  Rhyme? What rhyme?

Stig:  It's nothing really, merely a bit of doggerel--a children's verse.

Hallo:  Not important? It's one of the most important things. It's the final thing the last Dragon's Voice said before he kicked the bucket. Here, I'll recite it for ya:

From the mouth thou shalt hear
The wisdom o’ far off lands
The way t’ truth is clear
Head, then heart, then hands
Lastly, tail will point the way
T’ the world’s end
Then gold shall have its say

An’ foretell the doom o’ men.

There, I bet ya didn't think I'd remember it all, did ya birdie?

Stig:  I don't know why we even bother having you do these things, Hallo, you just seem bent on spoiling everything. I swear you're incorrigible.

Hallo:  Why thankee, birdie. You're right incorrigibibble yourself.

Greg:  Well done Hallo! Thanks for sharing some of your Assignment on the Dragon Islands. Eric and Kate mentioned that the sparkling mist from your last Assignment comes into play here.

Hallo:  Inta play? Well I guess ya could say that, although we didn't want ta let it in t' play with us. It kinda forced its way in, don't ya know. That mist is right powerful stuff, but I can't say much 'bout that or birdie will skin me alive. Instead, I'll tell ya 'bout this other person we met on our travels. Her name is Jiao and she's just about the prettiest little lass you could imagine. She was makin' eyes at Eric for a little bit there, too. Made him powerful uncomfortable. For some reason it didn't make Kate none too happy either come t' think of it.

Stig:  Hallo, that's quite enough. I must insist that you speak no more of the Assignment.

Hallo:  Okay, okay. I wasn't gonna say anymore. I ain't no blabbermouth ya know. Ya can't give away too much 'bout an Assignment--spoils the fun. Besides, I didn't say anything 'bout the livin' stone warriors or the golden sorcoress or the stolen children or nothin'.

Stig:  Hallo!!!!

Hallo:  Oh, er, um, yeah. Oops, I s'pose I just mentioned 'em, didn't I? Oh well, what's done can't be undone--ya just gotta smile an' keep movin' on.

Stig:  I think that's what we better do. Thank you so much for having us over. Smashing fun!

Hallo:  Yeah it was fun all right, but I didn't break nothin'--honest! See ya around!

Greg:  Thanks for stopping by guys. Good luck with your future assignments! Thanks for chatting with us!

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