Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Interview Series: The Grasshopper

Hello everybody! This week, I was able to pull a few strings and get someone from way back to talk with us. He's been a literary figure for centuries, ever since Aesop included him in what became a very famous fable. Please join me in welcoming the Grasshopper from The Ant and the Grasshopper to The Deliverers Publishing Headquarters!

Greg:  Welcome! It's so nice of you to hop by to talk with us.

Grasshopper:  Hey man, don't mention it, like I always enjoy hangin' with the press.

Greg:  Yes, well I know you're busy, so I appreciate it.

Grasshopper:  Actually, I don't have all that much to do, man. I think you're confusing me with that ant dude. Always rushin' here and there. It tires me out just watchin' him, man, know what I mean?

Greg:  Well, there are some who say that the Ant was rushing here and there to gather food for the long winter, so that he wouldn't starve. I'd say that was a pretty good reason to be busy.

Grasshopper:  Aw man, that ant is too uptight. Don't worry, be happy--that's my motto. I mean, just look around, dude. It's too nice a day to worry about all that gatherin' jive. Tomorrow's another day. Plenty of time for gatherin' then.

Greg:  That may be true, up to a point, but isn't there a saying that says never put off to tomorrow what you can do today?

Grasshopper:  Saying, schmaying. Why is everyone so uptight? You gotta live, man. The weather's too nice. Like, it's a perfect day to sit out in the sun and play the fiddle. I know some think fiddle playin' aint cool, but even the Ant likes to listen to my fiddle. It don't stop him from workin', but I've seen him tappin' one of his feet from time to time.

See, we don't take the time to relax and smell the roses, man. If I went around workin' all the time, I'd work myself into an early grave. Work, work, work. What do you have to show for it in the end? Just some food, some tired feet, and a sore thorax. That aint for me, cuz.

Greg:  I do agree that all work and no play is not the way to go, but don't you think that it's a good idea to gather up some supplies from time to time, in case there's some sort of emergency?

Grasshopper:  Emergency? What could happen on a day like today?

Greg:  I wasn't really thinking about today. I mean, today is gorgeous. But every day won't be as glorious as today. What about winter?

Grasshopper:  Aw man, don't be such a downer. Winter? Winter's a long way off, man. Plenty of time to get a little bit of food together by winter. Besides, I don't think winter's really as bad as they say. It's all a plot, man. The man came up with this whole winter deal to try and keep us down, toe the line. Aint no way I'm fallin' for that.

Greg: Really.

Grasshopper:  Yeah. Now, just between you and me, the Ant--well, let's just say he's a little bit gullible. They come around, givin' everyone the whole winter scam, and he right away starts gatherin'. You should see some of the stuff he brings home. Things ten times his own size.

See, they got him scared, and that causes a what do you call it? Oh yeah, an adrenaline rush. So he's pickin' up these huge things, and I'm thinkin, he aint never gonna eat all that, man. So who's crazy? The guy who waits and save his energy, then gets just what he needs, or the guy who knocks himself out collectin' a zillion times more than he could ever use?

Greg: When you put it like that, it sounds logical. So when are you going to start collecting?

Grasshopper:  Oh, I don't know. Tomorrow, the next day, next week. I got time, I tell you. Why don't you get off my back and just relax? Geez, you know what's wrong with this world? Too many uptight people! Didn't anyone ever tell you not to sweat the small stuff?

Greg:  Well, I know you won't be sweating this winter. Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to talk to us.

Grasshopper:  No sweat, man. get it? No sweat! Ha that's a hot one! Hey, listen to me, I'm a joke factory! That's cool. See, now I'm on the cool kick. I went from hot to cold, get it? Oh, I slay me!


  1. Loved this interview! You did a great job capturing the voice of the grasshopper. I always love the theme of this story. Also- I was cracking up about not sweating the small stuff. :)

    1. Thanks, Jess. Glad you liked the interview!