Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's Abigail Reading? Lincoln and His Boys

Abigail was really into what she was reading this week.Our local library has a summer reading program that offers prizes based on the number of books you read. Prizes are good. Abby loves prizes--she's got her eye on a couple things.

One of the books she really enjoyed this week was Lincoln and His Boys by Rosemary Wells. Let's find out what it's all about.

Here's what Abigail says the book is about.

"It's about two boys, Willie and Tad, and their father and mother. The father is President Abraham Lincoln. They moved to Washington, D.C. when he became president. There is a war going on. Mr. Lincoln had a person that protected him so that he wouldn't be killed.

"The boys used to interrupt meetings that Abraham was leading with their fooling around. Mr. Lincoln thought it was funny, but others did not.

"One boy Willie died because he had a fever. This made everybody sad. The other boy, Tad, was lonely and didn't have anything to do. He liked to hang out with his dad."

Here's what Abigail liked best about the book

"I liked when they moved to Washington the best. I liked it because they got to go on a train ride, and I like trains. I also like that it is a true story."

Was there anything Abigail did not like about the book?

"When Willie died, because it was sad."

So, how does Abigail rate Lincoln and His Boys by Rosemary Wells?

She gives it five out of five puppies and kittens.


  1. I have never heard of this book- but it sounds good. Glad to hear that Abigail enjoyed it!

  2. Stephanie, This is something a little different than the types of things Abby usually reads, but she really enjoyed it!