Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's Christian Reading? Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban

Well, he's finally done it. I've been after Christian for ages to check out Harry Potter, but he kept saying no. I swear, that boy just will not do something if I suggest it. But, I was persistent--and crafty. The boy is just like me. You see, I waited a long time before I caved in and started reading the series. I think the fourth book had just come out when I read book number one.

Anyway, like I said, Christian absolutely refused to read them. Then, I had a brainstorm. On the evening of the fourth of July I suggested to Christian that we have a father & son movie night. I listed some videos that I knew he wouldn't want to watch. Then I said I'd surprise him, and put Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in. To my surprise, he didn't say anything, he just started watching. The next day, the kids went to the library, and Christian came back with three of the books.

Since then, he's been reading. He even squeezed a different book in between books 1 & 2. He's just finished book 3. He wanted to read book 5 after book 2. I stressed to him the importance of reading this series in order. Again, to my surprise he listened. He must really like these books! So, here's Christian's take on book 3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K.Rowling.

Here's what Christian says the book is about.

"It is about a boy named Harry Potter who is going to school at Hogworts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Sirius Black, a convict from the magical prison of Azkaban has escaped. He is believed to have killed 13 people with a single curse.

"Dementors, the really scary guards of Azkaban are guarding Hogworts because it is thought that Black might be heading to the school to kill Harry.Harry has many encounters with the Dementors, and develops a fear of them. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lupin, teaches a Harry a spell to repel the Dementors.

"Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermoine, are wrapped up in another mystery that includes a hippogriff, a madman, and a race through time. I won't tell you what happens, but it's very exciting."

What did Christian like best about the book?

"I really like how they went back in time. That was a cool idea, and the author did a great job! I also liked how J.K. Rowling came up with innterestinng names for the wizard exams (O.W.L'.s and N.E.W.T.'s)."

Was there anything that Christian didn't like?

"I liked all of this book."

So, how did Christian rate Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K. Rowling?

Christian gives it five out of five flaming monkey heads.


  1. Yeah! This is my all-time favorite series! I am so glad Christian is getting to enjoy it now. I waited until there were 3 books out (a couple of months before book 4 came out)to start reading. I had no desire and a student finally convinced me to read them. Once I started- I couldn't stop!

    1. Christian is burning through them. He's goinng so fast, I'm wondering if he's taking it all in. He answers all of my questions right though, so I guess he's doing okay. It's a fantastic series.